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  1. tylerthegiant Well-Known Member

    Age: 2 and a half
    Sex: Female
    Favorite Food: She has a sweet tooth, and she is not a big eater, although she likes a variety of training treats. Kibble, not a fan even though I've tried everything. Currently main diet is Kirkland chicken and rice. Higher protein count keeps her weight up a bit (she's a skinny dane at only 110 lbs even though she's tall, 35" at shoulder
    List of Tricks: I don't know what constitutes a trick, so I'll list known cues
    1. Sit
    2. Down
    3. Stay
    4. Come
    5. Leave it
    6. Drop it
    7. Which hand?
    8. Shake
    9. High five
    10. Wait
    11. Okay (release word)
    12. Touch
    13. Catch
    14. Go to place
    15. Watch me
    16. Off
    17. Stand
    18. Dead dog
    19. Bow
    Toys-She loves all toys, especially tug toys, she also likes to make toys out of things that aren't toys such as pillows, socks, underwear, whatever will get you up off your butt to try and get her to release the toy

    Habits-JJ is an attention hussy, and to her any attention is good attention. She loves being petted, sleeping, or playing with toys or the other dogs. If she is not getting what she wants she will try and find a way to get it, usually in a way you don't want her to.

    Problems-JJ is a very pushy and demanding dog, both from her people and the other dogs. Luckily she doesn't find most things worth fighting over. Her social skills with other dogs are fairly poor because of this, they often find her obnoxious (for good reason) unless they are very polite, tolerant and stable, even though she only really wants play, acknowledgement and social acceptance. For example will she bark at Mia or the cats to try and get them to play, or stare at Apollo when he sends "back off" signals to her, but she backs off when another dog gets snarky with her. She is "space sensitive" has some resource guarding issues and handling issues because of this. She doesn't guard food or toys, it's space, if she has a coveted resting space she doesn't want to leave it. She's come along way in those areas and now her only big issues is a handling issue, she doesn't like strangers touching her around her head, which is still a big problem She is also a total "what's in it for me?" kind of dog, which took some getting used to since my other dogs had been very eager to please. Once I learned how to harness that attitude I found out because of it she's extremely easy to motivate. Despite the fact she's in it for herself and finds even negative attention reinforcing she's very sensitive and picks up on moods and mirrors them very easily.

    Strengths-She is motivated by many factors, she loves toys and play, praise, attention, affection, food. She is super teachable and picks up most things immediately, but they have to have a long reinforcement history before they are reliable cues because she doesn't like to do things that don't benefit her. Once a cue has been well conditioned she performs the behaviors reliably amidst any raise in criteria and with great enthusiasm. She is super fun to train because she picks things up so quickly, it's reinforcing to the trainer to work with her. LOL

    Temperament-playful, moderate energy level, very affectionate, sensitive but independent minded, usually confident but has certain triggers where she's very nervous and prone to fear aggression. The only dog in the house who might actually bite me under certain circumstances without much warning or provocation (at least in my mind). However, she's never bitten anyone, has good bite inhibition (I know this because she used to nip a lot during grooming) and I don't plan on putting her in situations where she might think about biting someone.

    And anything else you'd like us to know-JJ was a rescue who came with no training and some behavioral problems but has came a long way considering.

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  2. brody_smom Experienced Member

    She is so beautiful. Much more feminine looking than Lucas. Is that typical of female GDs?
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  3. tylerthegiant Well-Known Member

    Yes, females are sometimes less square looking, longer and leaner. To me she looks more like what a dane should look like (her confirmation is better than Lucas's) but she's the one people always think is a giant lab. LOL Like all black dogs are labs........
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  4. MaryK Honored Member

    She's beautiful, very much a feminine young lady in all respects:D Amazing, how can anyone mistake a Great Dane for a Lab??? I'm bewildered by that!:confused: She's got great confirmation that's for sure.:love:
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  5. brody_smom Experienced Member

    I know what you mean. Brody is a tricolor, and people are always insisting he must be part Bernese Mountain dog!
  6. tylerthegiant Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I have a question for you all, considering you all of a decent idea of the dogs' individual strengths and weakness, what type of tricks or games would you suggest I teach them? Sometimes I get very overwhelmed thinking of all the things I'd like to teach them and how to prioritize them.

  7. brody_smom Experienced Member

    I would say weaving through your legs, but, unless you are 7 feet tall, this probably wouldn't work. :pThere are some threads under "General Training" and " Advanced Training" that have ideas for new tricks. We are working on the elephant walk, which is putting their front paws up on a box or pedestal and walking around it using only the back legs. This increases back end awareness, which can then be used in other things like handstands and backwards circles/weaves. Some other useful ones are putting toys away in bins, making beds and closing doors.
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  8. Mutt Experienced Member

    She is a beauty!
    I love her eyes (normally you see a lot of red under the eyes).
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  9. sara Moderator

    She's a gorgeous little girlie! Black and mantle danes are so striking!

    As for what to teach first. I like to start with behaviours that can be built on like paws up on an object, targeting, and so on. having those types of behaviours solid makes teaching some tricks alot easier :)
  10. Gordykins Experienced Member

    She is gorgeous! I always see people thinking Danes are lab mixes... and then there are people who ask me if my lab is mixed with great dane (I think they think of that just because he has such long legs!)

    lol... "attention hussy" :)

    I think I fell in love with Great Danes when I started watching videos of Honey the Great Dane on YouTube. They're such nice looking dogs.
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  11. tylerthegiant Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone, yes Gordykins, that Honey is a great ambassador for the breed for sure, such a true gentle giant, and lovely to boot.

    Sara, I am working on 'paws up,' I just need to put more thought into how to get the behavior, we've done targeting work but right now I'm dying to get the Paws Up thing, so close, yet so far away. I know we can do it!

    Brody's mom, I will check out more tricks, SO many things I want to teach them, sometimes it gets overwhelming.

    Mutt, good conformation in a dane they should really have eyes tight, but even though I think my danes are both good looking dogs neither would win any dog shows! Especially the striking and handsome Lucas, his confirmation is a mess, really lippy, back end is too straight, oh yeah, and he's deaf, not what breeders or judges are going for!

    To everyone whose relied to all my posts, I love the friendless and on here and the way people take time to explain the details! Some forums are "cliquey" and it takes a while to be welcomed, but not here!
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