Jinx Does Clickertraining


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Yesterday I was doing a little training with Jinx. We were having fun(didn't make much progress though:D)
When my phone rang. So I picked it up and talked to a friend for a while. I was sitting on the floor and Jinx was curled up besides me, waiting patiently.
I have a clicker with a wriststrap and I was playing with it with my fingers.( not clicking it)
Suddenly she started nibbling at my fingers, so I waited to see what she would do.
She was oh so carefull... took the clicker in her mouth and nibbled at it. And... click!! For a second I thought she broke it, but she had just pressed the button to click it.
Accident?? I let her chew it again. And again she was oh so carefull, finding the button and pressing it.
Well, I guess I have the worlds smartest dog now. She walks herself( She carries her own leash) and now she can train herself:D:ROFLMAO:
Silly girl:LOL:


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BAH HA HA!! Oh, you HAVE TO think up some way to get Jinx to click for Cooper! THAT would beat all! rofl, too funny! I can't wait for the video of THIS one!! :ROFLMAO: