Jerry & My Service Dog Wendy


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Hi everyone,

This will be mostly about my service dog, Wendy. She is an English Lab and is 3 1/2 months old. She already sits on command, lays down on command and is "potty" trained. She wears her vest everywhere we go. She does several things on her own when she is wearing her vest. I am usually in a wheelchair and my wife is the delegated trainer. If Peggy should stop, Wendy sits down. If she pauses for several seconds she will lay down with her foot on Peggy's and her chin on the top of her foot to let her know where she is. When she is at home she is all puppy.



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Hi Jerry and Wendy - welcome to the DTA!

I am a service dog trainer and I congratulate you and your wife for taking on the task of training your own dog. As I'm sure you are experiencing, it is wonderful :) There are a few people here that have experience with service and therapy dogs, so feel free to ask questions about various tasks.

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