It's Finally Snowed Here


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Wonderful video!! So jealous of the snow.

I just LOVE Bella's 'shy'. She does it SO WELL!!! :D

Linda A

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Lovely video! Now that I finally have video editing software I am looking forward to doing some of my dogs.


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I heard you were getting snow over there... keep it, I'm sick of it! though in the last week we've probably lost 6-8 inches of the accumulated snow, with 2 +10C days and every day inbetween above 0... but that's not lasting, and it's supposed to snow today and tomorrow and be between -25C and -30C with the windchill... and my dogs are happy to stick to doing tricks in the warm indoors! LOL


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LOVED the vid She's such a smart little lady:love:(y) Her shy is awesome, so jealous!:D

Now you've made me even more homesick, I miss snow, along with everything else about home:sick: