Is She Herding??


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I *think* Shiloh is a German Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dog mix. She is a strange dog… She points, so that makes me think she might have some hunting dog in her too maybe…?

At agility classes when she sees a dog tugging or running, she'll try to chase the dog. One of my instructors told me she is just trying to herd the dog. I'm not so sure about that.

Here's a video of her "playing" with a turkey. They jump over the gate sometimes. It looks like playing to me, not herding….



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I see a dog who has some respect for this big turkey, but would also looovvveee to chase it:D

Remember cattledogs don't herd like borders do. Cattle dogs and aussies were bred to herd large cattle(cows) and they don't use the eye, like borders do. Cattledogs herd by nipping at the heels of the cows and barking them in the face. They have to be much more "present" because cows challenge the herdingdogs much more than sheep do.
So what I see Shiloh do in this vid is trying to nip the turkey, but unfortunately the turkey is not impressed:D So her going back and forth at the bird is an attempt to herd it, but she has respect for the bird, so she doesn't dare to get too close. A little insecure, not sure what to do about this big bird.
So it is herding, but in a playfull way.

And about the pointing... my purebred australian shepherd points too. Standing still, one frontpaw lifted, tail straight back... Staring at birds in the water...:D
Poining is something that comes natural to all dogs, it is part of the hunt. When they locate a prey, they will stop and stare at it, waiting for the right moment to go in for the "kill"(our housedogs probably won't kill, but only chase) Only in pointers it is very strong, like herding is very strong in herding breeds.


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