Is Protein Harmful To Your Dog's Kidneys?

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    The most common misconception about dog diet is the belief that dogs should receive only a very small amount of protein, because excessive protein can destroy a dog's kidneys. The truth is that the dog's digestive system was designed to primarily digest high-protein food items. Dogs need protein for energy, tissue repair, and growth. Without protein, a dog will suffer from a myriad of health issues, including weak muscles. Ideally, every meal a dog eats should be around thirty to forty percent animal

    Dogs rarely suffer from allergies from eating poultry, pork, or beef, but these animals can suffer from soybean-related allergies. This is why you should be careful when giving your dog new dog food brands that make use of soybean as the primary source of protein. Older dogs are most prone to food intolerances and food allergies, so make sure your dog is transitioned slowly from the old food to the new food.

    If you have a growing dog at home, you need to give your pet a diet that is rich in protein. If you train your dogs for dog shows, you have to give them more carbohydrates, protein, and water. Remember:
    dogs are capable of quickly digesting protein for energy - very little protein goes to waste. And yes, the dog's kidneys are quite safe. Unless your veterinarian tells you not to give your dog a regular serving of protein, you can maintain the current protein level of your dog's diet.

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    Or in fact you should NEVER give a dog a diet that is uses soybean as it's primary protein source.

    I transitioned Zac to a diet that includes Orijen dried food (which is high protein) and I found people telling me that his kidneys would fail. I was surprised because I'd never heard of that idea before. Now Zac has never looked better (he's 10 years old now) and he has more energy then he has had for years and when he's been running his muscles are massive. I don't believe his kidneys will fail but if they do at least he will have lived his life to the full in the meantime.

    A note on the digesting protein quickly. We found this with Zac and it was a problem because he would get ill during the night because he digested the new high protein food faster and then because he has tummy problems he'd get ill. To stop this happening we fed him some Acana light and fit in the evening, that had more carbohydrate in it and so it got him through the night. Now his metabolism has adapted to the higher protein he is okay without the Acana most of the time.

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