Is My Dog Lazy

I have a 3 year old blue heeler cross border collie dog. He sleeps an awful lot despite being able to run around and enjoying play time. Most of the time he just sits his arse down on the sofa.

I make sure he gets a fair bit of exercise a day, with long walks, and having a run around and playing fetch and the like but he doesn't seem to want to explore around the house or chew his toys at all he just curls up on the sofa, for hours unless i play with him. He won't do anything active of his own accord unless i'm there.

Is he a lazy dog and if so how can i fix this????


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Well he does have daily exercise. Maybe he is just not interested in the toys you have. You can try using kongs. My dogs play with them for hours.


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Welcome to DTA. Some dogs do sleep a lot. Mine is very active on his walks and if I get him to play otherwise he just follows me around the house and falls asleep near me whenever I stop. Not a particularly border collie or blue heeler attribute but maybe yours is the exception that proves the rule. As long as he isn't fat I wouldn't worry, just be thankful that you have restful kind of dog!


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Oooops,sorry,wanted to say hi first:LOL:and a warm welcome to you,I think it must depend on either how much exercise (mental or physical) the dog gets or the temperament,it must be,I must have the laziest ever boxer,my I can relate to you thinking you ve got the laziest dog :LOL::LOL: hope to see a few pics of your babe and looking forward to a chat (y)

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I feel like I read before, and I tried to find something on the internet just now but I couldnt, that Border Collie's aren't much of dog to play independently (unless that is they are extremely bored when your not around and may find their own "job" and bark/chew). They want to be given a job and told things to do.

That being said though, my border collie will chew toys on her own and play by herself. Yet, if she is outside by herself and we are indoors she will often just chill out on the deck but if we go outside even if we are not playing with her, she will then play around with sticks or run around the yard by herself.

Although this is condradictory to what I said before about them not being much for playing by themselves, I have driven by our house when she is home alone in the yard and have seen her tossing a stick and full on having a good time by this post actually probably isnt helpful at all LOL

But you say that your dog gets tons of exercise, so maybe hes just tuckered out! or that might be his mellow personality and be so content just to enjoy your company he sleeps it off!!

I personally wouldnt be concerned and would love to have a dog with that temperment once and awhile rather than the attention hog that I have some days...