Peter Gammon

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I don't even have my dog yet. I shall be picking him up next week. My nineteen year old son thinks "Bruno" is going to be his dog, and well, we'll just let him keep thinking that ;). It means he'll clean up all the unsolicited poop, and when, in a couple of years, he decides to get a place of his own, I can make him feel guilty about leaving Bruno with Mum and Dad to care for -- kids have got a lot to learn!

Bruno is a Black German Shepherd - can't wait, but I might need advice.



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Welcome to DTA Peter.
I hope you'll have a lot of fun with your upcoming companion!
Is your son (or you) planning to do a sport with him (when he is old enough of course, the dog not your kid ;))
Will Bruno be your first dog/German Shepherd?


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Hi and welcome!! As you can see, I totally approve of your breed choice :LOL:. Have fun, and there are loads of talented and experienced people on the forum so if you need help or suggestions, just ask, and we'll be happy to help.


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Welcome to DTA!!!!:) Getting a dog (especially your first dog, if that's the case) is an exciting thing!!!! And so much fun!!!!:D We'd LOVE to see some pictures of "Bruno", once you get him!! There is many advice and tips here on DTA, if you need any help, just ask!!;)


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Welcome! I agree with jackienmutts, German Shepherds are a fantastic breed! I own a Shepherd mix, and she's such a wonderful, loyal dog.

Dog sports, like Dog Agility, are so much fun for the dog and the handler, if your son is really interested in training Bruno, he may end up really caring for him. It seems like you aren't really worried about that though. :LOL:

Jean Cote

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Hi Peter,

Kudos for thinking ahead and planning your dog's arrival and preparing yourself with the right knowledge. :) You will be challenged, that's for sure. There is lots of information on this site that can help you, if you have any questions do no hesitate to ask. ;)