Sammy Lee

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Hi everyone

I am the owner of a chocolate lab named Charlie Brown. He was a birthday present and had a rather eventful start to life after eating a packet of snail bait. Amazingly he survived and now lives everyday to the fullest! We currently attend obedience, trialling, agility and tricks classes at our local dog club, it's a lot of work but the rewards are well worth it. Hopefully Charlie will be ready for his first trials next year.

Our tricks classes mainly focus on Dances with Dogs moves, but the last 10-15mins of class focuses on different tricks. Charlie knows basic tricks such as shake, high 5, roll over, bow and push. He is also slowly learning to ride a skate board. The next trick I am hoping to teach him is how to balance a biscuit on his nose. He generally picks up the basics of a trick within 10 mins of being taught it, so it is good to have a variety of tricks on hand to prevent him from getting bored. I look forward to learning new tricks from other dedicated dog owners! (y)