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    My name Crystal. I have three dogs, a boxer (7 yo Raiden) and two welsh springer spaniels (Tucker,3 yo and Leeloo, 1 yo). Raiden has a CGC. Tucker is a champion and grand champion who is doing rally, obedience, tracking and nose work. Leeloo is working on conformation, nose work and about to start agility. I'm taught Raiden to roll over and shake long ago. Leeloo is learning to spin left and she'll learn right and go to her bed.
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    HI and Welcome!
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    :Doooh hello and a very warm welcome to you and your gang,your doggies sound lovely (I m biased of course:ROFLMAO:) looking forward to hear lots more about how you re getting on,have fun exploring the site and teaching your babes :love:(y)
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    Welocme - your dogs look so cute by the way
    Wow - grand champion :eek: - I hope you enjoy the forum;)
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