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Hello All,
Danielle here with Maddie our pit+??? mix, the four legged love of our lives. My husband and I adopted Maddie about 1.5 years ago. She is now three. She came to us with some behavioral problems (had been attacked by another dog), and orthopedic problems that surfaced about 6 months after adoption. Fortunately we got insurance the day she came into our lives. Maddie has a tremendous desire to learn, and loves the interaction. She is quite smart, however with distractions falls apart. We have been in a POSITIVE training environment since her adoption, and are currently working on her fear aggression of other dogs using CAT (Constructional Aggression Treatment). I adore her and love spending time together going for hikes, training and cuddling.

Maddie has a small bag of tricks. She can turn around, both directions. Go thu my legs. Go behind me and to my side. High fives on the left only. Wave right, left and with both front legs. She loves the game of touch. We are working on other contact games and object identification. Three orthopedic surgeries in a 5 month period hampered our training, but with a lot of Rehab we are back in action (good thing I'm a Physical Therapist and Certified Canine Rehab Therapist. I am excited to teach her more stuff.

It's great to be apart of anything the supports our furry kids. Maddie and I are ready to learn.

Danielle and Maddie :dogbiggrin: