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I joined a couple of months ago but don't recall posting an intro so here it goes.

I'm Robin and a novice trainer. I have Tia who is West German showlines. She is 16 months old. My first German Shepherd all my own. I have Taz, whom I train but he lives with my mom and only visits. He is also West German showlines and is six years old. Last but not least there is my new German working lines girl, Riot. She is only 12 weeks and so much fun.
We will be training in Schutzhund. Right now we are working on our basic obedience with clicker and fun stuff. We also love tricks and use them as a fun destresser as well as to show people that we're friendly and sometimes silly.

Queen Vashti v Monopteros
Wim v Omega Haus
Riot v Eichenluft