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  1. AOertle Well-Known Member

    Hey there,
    My name is Amber and I'm currently in GA though I'm moving to VA shortly. I'm 24 (almost 25), married and owned by two amazing dogs.

    Bamm is a border collie mix and he's nothing short of amazing. He has quite a few behavior challenges he came to me with and it's been a whirlwind training him, but I've learned about as much from him as he's learned from me, if not more. He LOVES learning new tricks and he's a blast to work with. Bamm is currently 5 years old and about 45lbs.

    Cricket is a 10 month old rescue. A friend of mine lives in Sonora, Mexico and rescues/fosters street dogs out there. Cricket is a street pup that was fortunate to end up in her care and eventually in my arms. She's a fun little dog, very typical crazy zoomie puppy and I have hopes to get her CGC with her and do agility. She's a fast little learner though anytime she learns a new trick she becomes to so fascinated with doing that trick that it can be a challenge to get her to offer new behaviors. We're working on that though and she's coming along beautifully.

    I'm really wanting to challenge myself more as a dog owner and as their trainer. I'm hoping that by becoming a part of this community I'll be able to receive advice when I become stumped in my training and I'm hoping that by being a part of a trick dog community that I'll be able to stay more motivated in training my dogs.

    I look forward to getting to know everyone. Happy training!


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  2. running_dog Honored Member

    Hi! Welcome to DTA! Bamm is nice but I love Cricket, I always wanted a brindle, is she a sighthound cross? she looks like she could be - there's a shortage of sighthounds on DTA, not that I'm biased or anything :whistle: :ROFLMAO:.
    As for motivation.. beware... you might find that DTA and training your dogs start to take over your life :).
  3. AOertle Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much. Honestly... I definitely think she has some sort of sighthound in her. She moves like one for one thing and she's turning out to be super super lean like one. She looks like she has a bigger build in pictures then she does in person. If she has sighthound in her it just makes me love her that much more. I'm in the wait period for an Ibizan Hound pup so... I'm currently sighthound addicted. I also think Cricket mayyyy have a little Malinois in her as well. We joke around and call her my little Mexican brindled teacup maligator. lol.

    Btw... your avatar pic... omg ADORABLE!

    Training my dogs has already taken over my life so I can only imagine how much crazier my friends will think I am after I've been on this forum for a bit and have taken my training to new levels. lol. I'm already called the crazy dog lady and I only have the 2 dogs right now. But... because I love to train my dogs and spend time with my dogs I'm classified by my friends as obsessed. Not a terrible obsession to have if you ask me.

    Here's another pic of Cricket

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  4. Lexy88 Well-Known Member

  5. running_dog Honored Member

    Oh! Cricket is even more gorgeous than I thought! Thanks for posting the other photo.

    She looks like a whippet crossed with a maned wolf she has such a long neck! Your little maligator :ROFLMAO: is probably so mongrelised you'll never work out the breeding but it is great fun to speculate. On the second photo I could almost imagine a dash of akita - if you block out everything but her head... as for the body I think there has to be a sight hound in there somewhere! Any ideas on where the tail came from? No wait! Now I see it! Basenji, the right size, right head, a touch of the tail and body crossed with something like a whippet to give the extra length of leg and the colouring... I could go on speculating forever :D.

    I watched Cricket's "Where's your nose?" trick, she's really good. I'm looking forward to seeing lots more of her (and Bamm's) tricks (as you get steadily more obsessed... :D)

    I'm definitely hooked on sighthounds but mostly the cross-breds. I don't think I've met an Ibizan hound so I'll look forward to seeing photos of yours when you get it, seeing and hearing about dogs on here is the next best thing to actually meeting them fur real.
  6. Lexy88 Well-Known Member

    When I was vet nursing, one of my class mates who bred Whippets had just imported an Ibizan hound - sooo cool!! And our behaviour tutor had Irish wolfhounds. I love sight hounds too but live in a very cold area,
  7. sara Moderator

    Welcome! Your dogs are gorgeous! Cricket is GORGEOUS! I also have a street dog, from a predominantly Mexican inhabited neighbourhood in Houston, TX, but he's def. a terrier, my guess is Irish Terrier. I am personally a Terrier fan, though Sighthounds are absolutely stunning. I might guess Basenji in Cricket as well, possibly Akita or Malinois, heck, maybe a dash of Chihuahua! LOL Whatever she is, she's absolutely perfect!

    You will become even crazier than you are now... that is a definite side-effect of this forum! LOL Enjoy;)
  8. AOertle Well-Known Member

    HAHA I can't tell you how many people ask me if she's part hyena lol. She looks it when her hackles go up from head to tail. I've also had some people guess that there's a little coyote as well which wouldn't be completely out of the question, but she doesn't really act at all like any of the "coydogs" I've read about. Basenji is definitely a possibility. I see that in her tail for sure since it curls up, but that could also be Akita. I see the Akita possibility in her face as well when you look at her side profile and actually when she was a tiny puppy and my friend was fostering her I was convinced she had a little Akita in her. Though, sometimes when she looks right at you she almost looks Basenji. Chihuahua... probably a verrry big possibility that there's at least a little in her. Whatever she is, she's the perfect recipe.

    I can't wait until I get my Ibizan Hound. This will be my absolute first show dog as well since I do plan to show her. As long as there is a female in this litter and my husband can agree to it then I'm for sure getting one soon. My husband thinks I'm crazy to want a third dog. I'm also planning to do lure coursing with my beezer and of course there's always trick training. :)
  9. running_dog Honored Member

    I thought hyena too! Maybe just tell people she's a hyena crossed with maned wolf? :)
    She is a great example of a crossbred that looks more perfect than a purebred.
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  10. AOertle Well-Known Member

    Amen to that
  11. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Welcome to the forum - both of your pups are fabulous!! It IS fun speculating on what Cricket might be, huh? Whatever she is, she's just beautiful, I love her coat and build, and Bamm is handsome too! And - I love their names, both are just adorable!! :p
  12. AOertle Well-Known Member

    thank you so much for the warm welcome. :)
  13. Dodge Well-Known Member

    Hey,a very warm welcome,I know I said hi to you an the other thread,but hey-ho,your doglets are adorable :love:they both look so alert:love:
    You will soon be addicted (if not already:p:ROFLMAO:) looking forward to a good old chinwag,x (thats if I finally find enough time to be on here again:D)

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