Introducing Lucy And Archie From Nz

Discussion in 'Meet the Dogs' started by marsala, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. marsala Active Member

    Hi everyone! These are my two monsters, Lucy and Archie :)

    Lucy is a staffy mix, approximately 2.5 years old rescue dog from the pound. She is one big sweetheart who loves cuddles and sleeping. She has problems with other dogs when she is leashed and she is the one who will run to rescue her "baby brother" Archie if he is in trouble. Being what she is, she can be a bit aggressive and plays really rough with Archie but does not care to play with other dogs. She has always been like that for some reason. She has been abused when she was young for she is absolutely terrified of any kind of broomsticks etc and if we tell her off she will crawl on the floor, show her belly and be completely submissive - it honestly breaks my heart.

    Archie is boxer mix - we took him in from backyard breeder who had no idea what they were doing and I just could not leave him there. I wish I could have saved all his siblings too. When he came to us approximately 1 year and 3 months ago he was barely 8 weeks old bag of bones with one of the grumpiest face ever! He is now grown to be a beautiful 29kg boy who is very sensitive to our voice and gets butt hurt if he feels he has been punished unjustified ways (which is only verbal). He is a naughty little boy who chews our couch and shoes/gloves/jackets (anything he can find) if he does not have his bone...and even then. Then we come home and he comes to greet us with that funny puppy gringe on his face and if car doors are open, he will jump in..then we know he has been up to no good. He gets so scared and shivers in a corner fully knowing he will be having a "conversation" with mommy... and so many times we wonder that if he knows he will get into trouble by chewing something that is not his, why does he do it?!?! Maybe my boy is a bit "special" LoL :)

    These two furbabies are our children and sometimes quite a handful for they do not seem to understand "dog language" and play by themselves like twins brought up in a barrel - and believe me, this town is full on "Dog Town" where everyone has at least one dog so it is definitely so that they have not ever met other dogs... but yes, they have they problems and there fore I have already started a thread to solve them.

    And yes, Lucy does have ears too (one black, one white) but could not find a picture to this occasion whee they both would look "photogenic" :D

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  2. southerngirl Honored Member

    Welcome both your dogs are beautiful. I'm glad you saved Archie from that horrid place.
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  3. brody_smom Experienced Member

    You are special people to take in both of these dogs. I know what you mean about the photos. It can be so hard to get pictures that actually look like your dogs do in real life. I'm sure they are truly beautiful.
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  4. Dlilly Honored Member

    Welcome to the DTA!
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  5. blacknym Experienced Member

    Welcome to the site! :D Your babies are beautiful.
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  6. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you for rescuing two really cute babies. They're both absolutely adorable and I can just see Lucy's ears, the very tips of them.

    Amateur is wonderful, so too Sara and Dogster at helping you learn how to take great pics of your dogs. There's a thread way back where they all gave me a lot of really sound advice. From memories it's called "Let's Teach Mary K How To Be A Good Dog Photographer". Sure helped me, I was ghastly at taking dog pics!
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  7. marsala Active Member

    Thank you all :) Regarding the pictures, they both hate photographing, Lucy closes her eyes and slinks down and Archie just makes silly faces. But we'll get there, one day :D Thank you for making me feel welcomed !
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  8. Gordykins Experienced Member

    Thanks for rescuing! :) Your dogs are so nice looking!
  9. marsala Active Member

    Thank you all for making me feel welcomed :D

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