Introducing Chance and Blitz


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Chance is my 4 year old rescued Golden Retriever, and Blitz is my 8 month old German Shepherd from a wonderful local and very caring breeder. Since I can't seem to upload any pictures to this thing, you can see them do their "Magic Word" trick on YouTube. The name of the video is "Dog Trick: Magic Word" (by felinerescuemission).

Glad to be a part of this training community! Cya around!
-Chance and Blitz's mom

Jean Cote

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Yes sorry, new members need a minimum of ten posts before they can post links and images. That is just to get rid of the spammers who come here and give links to unrelated and junk websites.

Here is your video:



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We're pleased to meet you and looking forward to seeing your posts in the forums. Welcome!