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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Simply Superb Dog, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Simply Superb Dog Active Member

    Hi this is Simply Superb Dog :) What started me training is bitter sweet. I have two boys who have T1 diabetes ages 5 and 18. I heard dogs could sense high and low blood sugars and alert you. This was very hopeful to me as my teenage son had some really bad low episodes in the middle of the night where he would not wake up and we had to call ambulance. My biggest need was to be alerted in the middle of the night before blood glucose became dangerously low. Anyway found and organization...long story short raised money but not all money, got a Diabetic Alert Dog (puppy in training much I had to do myself) about 6months later they took him back took him from my baby boy :cry: We really miss her!!! There are people working to shut them down now because others are not happy. Anyway so I learned that I could do it myself. Went to a local animal shelter and have been working on his alerts and obedience. My shelter dog is doing just as well with alerts as the one from that organization.Totally into the positive reinforcement training that this academy teaches!! Thank you Jean Cote as you are going to be very helpful to us!!

  2. MaryK Honored Member

    How sad, fancy people trying to shut down something which not only helps but also brings so much joy into a person's life as well.

    So very happy to Welcome you here and to know that you've got another little helper, and a rescue dog too, kudos to you for rescuing a dog and proving that they are just as smart as other pure bred dogs!:D(y)

    Positive Reinforcement Training sure is the best and only way to train. You'll find everyone here very helpful, so just start a thread if you need help and advice.

    Frosty looks like a very cute little chap, please post some more pics as we all LOVE seeing doggy pics:D
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  3. Simply Superb Dog Active Member

    Thank you so much Mary!! I will try and get some pictures posted sometime today.
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  4. Amateur Experienced Member

    Thats very inspiring ... I like that it doesn't take a particular dog to do such things and that you yourself can actually to the training ... dogs is so smart
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  5. Simply Superb Dog Active Member

    Thanks...The dog I have now that I got from a shelter alerts just as much as the one I had from an organization. An organization that ask for up to $20,000!!! :eek: Some times you have to learn the hard way thankfully I didn't finish paying before they took the dog and was not out that much. Did learn a valuable lesson though...Now that I have been on both sides I don't have to wonder would it have been easier or better? It was not easier with an organization because I still trained by myself basically and they were puppies so they were still "in training". I did learn many were teaching their dogs on their own and were very successful and also that there are a lot more breeds that could do the job than I thought. I didn't set out to get a Maltese, we just saw him at the shelter and spent some time with him and just new he was for my son. It amazes me from day one Frosty bonded with my 5 year old son and became very attached to my son. Just the very thing we needed, frosty to stay close with him and bond with him so he would be very mindful or noseful ;) of him and his blood glucose changes. Another thing I learned is you don't have to have a pup to develop a bond. The bonding happened instantly from a adult dog from the shelter :)
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  6. Amateur Experienced Member

    It sounds like if the bond is strong most dog will alert when his pinky soul mate is in danger - you just have to teach them how to alert you and at what degree. Just like when a particular dog knows when you are sad and comes to comfort you.

    What a wonderful story!

    P.S. we adopted a 3.5 year old dog that literally bonded to us within half a day - with full recall !!! So I knw that can be true !
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  7. MaryK Honored Member

    That's wonderful. Older dogs, as in not puppies, often bond quicker and faster, they know they're going to their furever home, plus they're over all the puppy exploring the world stage and focus on their new companion. I've adopted older dogs too, so know what you and Amateur mean.:)
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  8. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Hi and welcome! Sorry about the rough start into dog training, but what a wonderful story - your beginning surely had a silver lining. Sounds like Frosty was the guy you were meant to have, you just had to be led to him, and it took a round-about way to get you there. :love: Can wait to hear more!

    I've also always had rescue dogs and they've been mostly 2yrs and older. They do bond quickly, and altho I do love puppies, they're cute, fun, playful and all of that - you get to skip some of the other stuff that just, well, isn't (fun). :LOL: And as stated before, please feel free to post any training questions, as there are loads of talented people on the forum who can help. And kudos to you for taking matters into your own hands, finding Frosty, and moving ahead! (y):cool:
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