I Wanna know about your dog!!!!


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Hey guys! I wnat to know about everybody's dog. Please include pics info ages, breeds, tricks they know, anything at all all about your dog! Thanks! :D


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mydogcansneeze;13413 said:
Hey guys! I wnat to know about everybody's dog. Please include pics info ages, breeds, tricks they know, anything at all all about your dog! Thanks! :D
I have a siberian husky, I taught her sit, paw and im still working on her figuring out down..


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I have two Australian Shepherds. They are brother and sister, 6 months old. They know come, sit, stay, down, shake and wait. My daughter is working on getting them used to being around the sled for when they get older. They are also working on "on your mat".


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I have a 3 year old male Siberian Husky named Rex. He LOVES people even more then he likes other dogs. He hates it when people fight and will run down to my room and sit beside me. He is very sensitive to how I feel, if I'm scared he knows and because of this he is a great guard dog if need be.


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I have Penny and Ludo
Penny is a springer spaniel cross and is 11, she's the family dog. Aside from the basics she only knows a few tricks. She does paws, beg, jump, up and bang (play dead). She's a neurotic nutcase and great with kids.

Then my own dog Ludo who is a nearly 7 month old blue merle sheltie. He's a very quick learner and is my baby. :D


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i have a blue heeler storm, hes 6yrs and knows heaps of tricks and we do some agility. he knows about 27 tricks now

and koda is my puppy, shes a rotti x pitbull, and shes just over a year now, shes learning obedience at the moment and her tricks are spin (in diferent dirtection), back up, beg, rollover, and shes also learning agility with me

and ive kinda adopted luka (my sisters dog) when our dogs are all together in one house, hes a black pug whos 3years old

but theres plenty more dogs around me everyday


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I have a mongrel, Pami. She is 3 years old, and I do lots of thing with her (we do almost everything together... :LOL:)
We're competing in canine freestyle, and will compete in agility, when we are ready. I'm now trying to get her to realize that she loves frisbee... :D


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My Dogs

Storm Glory
Siberian Husky
B-Day: 6-21-2001
Gray/White, Blue Eyes
Spayed Female
Tricks: She knows basics (sit, down, stay, etc.), high five (left paw), paw (right paw), turn around (spin to right), sit pretty, are you a psycho? (shake head no), take a bow, wanna bite (cookie), front door (when off-leash go to front door), back door (go to back door), upstairs (go upstairs without me), out, wait and a ton of other every day handy commands.
History: I had wanted a Siberian Husky since I was around eleven or twelve and started saving my money. On my sixteenth birthday my dad asked me what I was saving for. So we went a got Storm that day. (I know BAD me for buying a newspaper dog)

Rascally Jack a.k.a. Jackal
B-Day: 1-31-2001
Brindle & White
Neutered Male
Tricks: Sit, down, speak, turn around (to the right), jump (jump all four off ground), roll over, shake (left paw). Also has a decent retrieve. (I got carried away with trick training and forgot to train his basics - we are working on that now)
History: My fiance and I wanted another dog as a companion to Storm, because she'd never been alone before (either human or animal company 24-7) and was lonely. One of his co-workers had a male Feist that they squirrel hunt with and a beagle pack that they deer hunt with. An accidental breeding happened between the Feist and one of the Beagles. She gave Jackal to us. He's been a great dog! :msncool:


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I have a 10 week old puppy, Maximus Brutus(AKA Max). He is half collie and half lab, but he really just looks like a lab with longer hair, a white cross on his chest (a white line of fur from his chin down to his stomach, and a white line of fur from the top of his right front leg to the top of his left front leg...) and white paws, and the TINIEST tip of white on his tail (we're talking 6 hairs... it's adorable), and the rest is black. He has floppy lab ears.

He's such a great little puppy, really eager to learn, but he's a bit frustrating to teach because he becomes too fixated on treats, and doesn't respond to verbal feedback very well ("Yes! Good Puppy!" doesn't do much for him.. I'm hoping that changes).

He's gotten to where he doesn't chew on the carpet/my shoes/wires/random articles of clothing/the furniture anymore, and he goes up top the door and taps his leash (which hangs from a hook by the door) when he needs to go out...that's very handy, since we can see it from the living room!

We would love to train him more right now with fetching, but we have limited space inside and it's very, very cold outside.


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I have a 3 to 5 year old border collie, BUDDY, or sometimes, "Mr. Buddy", who we rescued off death row last month. He is learning lots of tricks, as well as-- just adjusting to his new home and us. I will post pictures of my dog soon as i find our lil wire thing to upload.

Our dog was a "gangsta" dog, :dogcool: had a "tough guy" attitude, kept his distance somewhat, had a lil glare in his eyes the first week or two, which he has lost, rarely a trace left of it, and Buddy arrived with bite marks, blood, and twigs and cockleburs all over him, but is pretty well behaved and all now, and is a real sweetie pie. He also used to bite/nip a bit when he was new, but that is our fault for not understanding his boundries while he gained trust in us. He hasn't bit us since that first week.

Buddy was all underweight and very malnourished, his coat felt like wires, we think he was a 'ferral' dog or a scavenger dog, his 'predator' drive is off the hook, but we'll never know, he isn't talking about it. We found him 'online', he was 8 hours away in Tennessee!!! It's much warmer there, he mighta have lived in the woods or streets...
We think we are his first family ever, Buddy knew ZERO words when we got him!!! And acted like he'd never been inside a house before, nor ever seen a TV, nor rode in a car before, lotsa lil hints Buddy was never a pet before...


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I wanna know about my dog too! I've gotten a Vizsla puppy -- well at this point an adolescent -- that I am supposed to pick up from the breeder on Jan 16th. I'm told he's a giant goofball and I can't wait to meet him.

Bodi was born on July 13th and his breeder says he is very people focused and that he'll make a great pet as well as a good obedience dog. That's about all I know about him so far. Since he's in Wisconsin and I live in Oklahoma I can't even go visit.

This will be the first "my own" dog that I've had in over 20 years. There have been other family pets, but they've belonged to other members of the family. You'd think that since I've waited 20 years already I wouldn't have a problem with a few more weeks, but I am really looking forward to getting my hands on this pup!


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I have three dogs. Rose is a Golden Retriever 4yrs, Jack is a Cavalier 2yrs and Bernie Mac is a poodle cross maltese/silky. We are just beginning tricks but we have discovered Bernie likes to play soccer. You kick the ball and he chases and moves it around with his snout or puts front legs over it. We are working on basic obedience and shaking hands.


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Hi Guys
I have 3 dogs. I have a 10 year old coolie called Xena. a 6.5 year old border collie called Inka and a 16 month old coolie called Gabby. Both Xena and Inka I do advanced obedience and agility competition. They are both obedience and agility champions. I have just got a new title with Xena in obedience called udx and she is the first dog in the state to get this title. It was quite hard to do. We do blind retrieves where you send the dog 15 metres in a particular direction to retrieve a thin leather article. You and the dog cant see it. Pick up someone else's scent in 10 rolled up towels. Heeling along in silent commands (sits drops and stands with no verbals) I than have to say (sit drop or stand whatever the judge has commanded) and keep on walking and the dog just does that command and stops. sits stands and drops in any order on the spot on voice command only. Lots of other things as well for open and utility work. Just too much too mention. My little puppy I am training for obedience and agility She has two titles at the moment and will be in one games trial at the end of next month shall be interesting. I have also taught her to put 4 feet in a bowl blow bubbles what do boys do? and doing handstands and am teaching her copcop. All of my dogs do a seekback where we do a heel pattern and than go and find a lost article. Find my scent in a group of articles. run into a box about 30 metres away (dont take much notice how far though) and jump either the left or the right jump whereever my arm goes. and lots more
Danni and the girls


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Here are my three Dogster pages for my guys:




Tank is a big Mama's boy that's just about the quickest-learning dog I know. With aid from the clicker, he picks up even the hardest of tricks right away. He's got a cocky attitude and is always the life of the party.

Lobo is a 100% tomboy. She's a big girl and loves bossing everyone (especially Jack) around. The only one she doesn't touch is Tank, who's the alpha and set down the rules for her horseplay. Despite her boyish charm, she can be quite the lover and can lick your nose right off your face.

Jack's motto is "LOVELOVELOVE!" All he ever wants in life is more love and affection. He went through 4+ homes before ending up in our cozy nook and has ended up being a little on the "needy" side. He's quick to learn (though nowhere as snappy as Tank) and has just started clicker training.