I Love My Pittbull!!!

Do you like the way people stereotype certain dogs?

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I love the name!!! Cute!!!!:love: Welcome!!!!!:D We' d love to see some more pics of your dog!!!! I agree, I do not like it when breeds are stereotyped. There are many owners on this site who have pitbulls that are very nice, friendly and extremely smart. We here at DTA are against biases of any breeds. I believe that every dog is unique and has potential to do anything.:) I hope you enjoy the site!!!


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Hi I'm with Dogster all the way!!!!!!!! I ADORE Pitt Bulls, unfortunately though where I live in South Australia, they are totally banned even dogs who look a bit 'pittie' can be taken away and euthanized for NO REASON WHATSOEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disgusts me totally, as all the Pitties I've known have been wonderful, friendly, loving, faithful, loyal and all over marvelous dogs!:love: They love nothing better than a full on 'love fest', oh being hugged and smooched by a pittie is really fantastic!

Do post pictures of Bo Dozer, love the name so cute:love: We have quite a few Pittie owners here, so you're in very good company.


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Mr. Dozer looks like a handsome fellow!!!

I think even my Veronica-Lynn might like him!!! Truth be told, she doesn't play well with others...but she has always had a thing for the big strong boys (would also help allot if he would act like she is a queen and let her walk all over him :ROFLMAO::p)
LOL and he doesn't expect her to get up too quickly or early:LOL:


The first pitt is not him! That was his brother Tiny. He was the runt of the litter! The rest are
all of him! But we only call him Bo Dozer when he is a bad boy... If he's not then we just call
Dozer. The white one is his brother chance. He is also a part of the family! :) <3