I. Herosz Dog Dancing Cup


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We have been to an other competition. :)

I really enjoyed the day, it was VERY hot, and when it came to the results, a HUUUge storm started, so it was very funny.
Some pictures:

And on to the results:
We came in 1st again, in our class, which means, that from now on, we will have to compete in a higher class. :)
And in pairs, we came in third. :)

And links to the videos:
Our routine.
I have never been so disappointed with a routine before. Pami has never been so "undermotivated", and the most annoying thing was that I KNOW she could have done it better.

And the pairs routine.
I just love how it turned out. :)

I hope you found this interesting, comments are welcome.

Here's a video you MUST see.
This is the winner of the highest class. The song is a montage from a hungarian bands songs. :)


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Very nice job!!! I especially liked in your individual run that even though she was very distracted, you didn't lose her. She would come back and refocus in on you, and that is very hard!

And the pairs routine was really nicely done! I especially liked how you switched dogs in the middle :)


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Thank you. :)
Yeah, that was very close, she almost got away...
I still can't believe how we won, this routine was not that good....

Yeah, that was the best part of the routine. I love Kelly (the little black dog), she is just a little star. :)