I Created A Winter Wonderland - By Leaf

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by MaryK, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. MaryK Honored Member

    Mom loves snow! Every time she sees snow on the t.v. or computer, she sighs and says how much she loves snow, how she misses snow and positively drools over images of snow. So, loving my Mom so much I wanted to make her happy and give her snow as a little present, especially as the weather has gone hot, very hot for Spring. And I know she's not at all fond of hot weather.

    Of course, I've never seen snow, so I didn't know exactly what this magical thing was, but who better to ask than my Big Bro Zeus who's actually seen snow. Yes in his well traveled life he's been to the snow fields. Who better to ask as he's always willing to share his vast knowledge with a little puppy? Rhetorical question really. I'm just so lucky to have such a wonderful, experienced Big Bro aren't I.

    So this morning, while Mom was trying to have a sleep in, I told Zeus how I wanted to surprise Mom and give her snow for a present. He was, I must say, a little perplexed as to how I was going to achieve this after all as he said, snow was white and wet and wasn't something you could buy at the corner store. Apparently in the right climatic conditions it falls from the sky, just like rain. Hum didn't sound like something I would like at all. Wet? Like rain? Really humans are such strange creatures but as I'm a very determined, intelligent and creative young lady, I was absolutely certain I could find a way to give Mom snow. Cuz if Mom liked white wet stuff, then that's what she should have, nothing else would do.

    I sat down on the sofa and cogitated long and hard. What was wet and white? Then suddenly I realized I was surrounded by things which were white - cushions! Not the covers, but the insides, which I had seen when Mom took off the covers to wash them. How easy would it be to remove the covers and use the insides to create snow? For a creative puppy not hard at all. Though those pesky zips did give me a few seconds difficulty, until I realized that instead of trying to pull them down as I'd seen Mom do, it was far easy to just nip through them, after all they're only plastic, nipping through them was something any self respecting puppy do should be able to do with ease.

    That done I then started to create my very own surprise for Mom, A Winter Wonderland. Oh I had such fun, I used my paws and teeth to scatter the insides of the cushions all over the lounge room. Must say it did look so pretty and I was so proud of my work that I couldn't resist taking a moment or two, after I'd opened up the first cushion,to race into the bedroom to let Mom know I was creating a very special surprise for her. Of course my eagerness could have upset my entire plan but I was lucky in that Mom was very tired and all she did was to say "Leafy sweetheart I love you" and try to go back to sleep. Naturally her sleepiness enabled me to open up more cushions and scattered my snow right around every where, even some just peeping into the bedroom!

    Oh and how did I achieve the wet part? Simple, my teeth made all the lovely soft white stuff wet! Perfect wouldn't you say? I was so proud of my efforts and boy was it fun! Don't know why Zeus said I wouldn't like snow, just cuz he wasn't overly fond of it, I think it would be fun, fun, fun to be in snow. Well, maybe pretend snow, because to be perfectly honest I'm not really fond of anything wet especially if I have to walk in it.

    Can you picture the scene? Gorgeous white fluffy snow all over the lounge. I scattered it on the chairs on the sofa and the floor had a lovely deep coverage. Everywhere you looked was white! It really was a wonderful sight. And as Mom was feeling a little jaded I just knew that would brighten her day. That she'd be thrilled with my efforts. After all, just because I'm a little puppy and not into killing birds and rats to present as a present, doesn't mean I cannot surprise my Mom and give her presents too. I won't name names as to who once gave her a rat as a present, but he did strongly advise me NOT to do that. Apparently Mom's aren't all that fond of dead rats being given to them, makes them feel a bit squeamish. And I do listen and take note of all my Big Bro tells me - ooops I may just have given away who gave Mom a present she didn't really like. But as that was in his younger days, before he grew older and wiser, I guess it doesn't really matter now. Anyway I'd done my homework I knew Mom loved snow, I was on safe grounds with my present, it was exactly what she's always longing for, snow.

    I just couldn't wait any longer for Mom to wake up, so doing my finest impersonation of the Cannonball Express, I hit Mom right in the tummy area that sure brought her fully awake. "Come quickly I cried," grabbing hold of the corner of the duvet, "Come see the snow field I've created especially for you Mom cuz I love you and wanted to give you a big present".

    Mom stumbled out of bed and when she saw my present she was so over whelmed all she could say was "Oh Leafy, Leafy"! Yes, I had my moment of glory! And Mom had her snow! Then she started to clean up my snow. I guess it's not easy living in a house full of snow, Zeus did say to me that snow is usually outside not inside. But I was happy because for a short while Mom had her Winter Wonderland. What more could a puppy do to please her Mom than give her what she wanted most - SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. kassidybc Experienced Member

    LOL. Good job making your Mom's dream come true Leaf! I'm sure she loved it! :)
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  3. Linda A Experienced Member

    Leaf, what a thoughtful girl you are!!! Did your mom get any pictures of the Winter Wonderland?
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  4. sara Moderator

    Hey Leaf, Mouse here. Next time rip apart a bean bag chair... it falls from the sky just like real snow! Except its not cold... real snow is very VERY cold! I HATE IT! Anyway, bean bag chair stuffing floats down through the air and gets EVERYWHERE... and is really hard to clean up by Moms... so they appreciate it for MUCH longer!
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  5. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Hey Leaf, Alf here - GREAT JOB!!!!! (y):ROFLMAO: I did that too!!! It was fun doing it too, wasn't it?? I chewed up 3 couches, the first one was so fun, then I got another - and then, hey - one more just because. A guy just can't have too much fun! :D And Mouse, that was terrific, the whole beanbag chair thing, I beg that was loads of fun!!!! :LOL::cool: My biggest feat was two down pillows - that floats too, it goes everywhere if you shake 'em a lot, just like the whole snow thing, and it was so cool, it floated all over the house, it was way up on top of the curtains, the ceiling fans, it was on me, it floated thru 3 rooms, it was SO cool!! And talk about fun, it was the most fun I ever had in my life. Mom wasn't happy tho and mumbled something about .. if you ever do something like that again... of course, I had chewed the cord off the vacuum at the same time, so that might have had something to do with it. :ROFLMAO: Good job giving your mom such a nice present Leaf, I bet you're her favorite now. :love:
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  6. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you:D As a young puppy there's nothing I love more than making Mom's dreams come true! And I just know she was pleased and very happy to have her snow.;)(y)
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  7. MaryK Honored Member

    Hi Mouse:D Hey that sounds really cool!:cool: Thank you so much for the suggestion, I'll try that as soon as I get the opportunity, when Mom's having a sleep in is the best time, cannot wait YEAH!!!!!!!!

    I've got my fur lined and trimmed pink hoodie. Would that keep me warm enough? Zeus said he had a sherpa jacket when he was up at the snow fields. I do feel the cold, unlike Mom, so I'd need a good coat and maybe some booties?
  8. MaryK Honored Member

    Hi Alf!!!!!!:D Thank you:D

    Oh I soooooooooooooo impressed!!!!!!!!!!(y)(y)(y) That's positively AWESOME!!!!!!!!! You must have had such fun and, have to say, Zeus is here reading with me and he's mightly impressed, takes a LOT to impress him!

    Hey, thanks for the tip, Mom's got a 'special' down cushion or two, didn't realize how well they would work. I'll have to wait though until she's sleeping in, then I can REALLY surprise her! Not sure I can managed the cord on the vac though, that would mean opening a door or two, but congratulations on being so thorough, I'm sure she didn't mean it when she mumbled something not too nice, Mom's do that at times.:rolleyes:
  9. MaryK Honored Member

    Than you *blush* I do try to be thoughtful.:D No, sadly she tried to but the batteries on both her cell and the camera where flat, she's always forgetting to re-charge, so all my wonderful work is lost......but not forgotten:giggle:
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  10. sara Moderator

    Mouse here again. No amount of sweaters or booties or anything keep me warm... it's too damn cold! I don't wanna go out! Mom puts that stuff on me just to go pee cuz I freeze in seconds. I dont mind the booties but I don't like coats AT ALL. But Mom says I gotta wear 'em. But maybe you're tough like my big bro, Ollie. He goes out when it's really cold in just booties. .. sometimes I go to... in Momma's jacket... I'll stick my nose out to sniff for a few seconds then tuck it back in.

    Here's another idea: I like burrows, so one time while Mom was at work I decided to make a burrow for her in her new bed. It would be so much more comfie! I ripped a small hole in the sheet at the bottom of the bed, only big enough for me to get inside, then crawled up to the middle. I started digging and biting until I was able to rip the pillow top. I worked at it for HOURS, until it was about 2inches deep and 2 feet wide. I enjoyed it immensely! Its what I was born to do!

    When Momma came home I met her at the door with a big smile, then just HAD to show her my craftsmanship! I dove under the sheet and Momma gasped (with excitement, I'm positive) she pulled off the sheet to get a better look and I was sittin' in the middle of my masterpiece smiling really big and wiggling with excitement. At first she looked strange, but I did a happy dance then she said "oh Mouse" and started laughing, so I know I did good! But I don't think it was as comfie as I thought it would be cuz she flipped the mattress over. So maybe you should make yours bigger?

    One thing tho, she started locking me up in the box again when she went to work after that... but it couldn't be because of my surprise, now could it?

    Ollie says that you gotta chew the vacuum cleaner chord when you're sitting right beside the humans, of you're very very quiet, they wont notice! My Grandma was watching him for Momma when he was a young pup and he always managed to do stuff like that, if he was quiet enough! He says plastic feels good on the teeth! Especially driver's licenses and debit cards.

    Well gotta go play with my cat... gotta keep him exercised, dont want him to get lazy! Having a pet of your own is alot of work! I gotta play with him and cuddle with him and tell Mom to feed him (and I get fed when he does!) I used to clean his litter, but Mom decided she should do it and wont let me anymore.

    I hope you like my idea, and your Mom is as impressed as mine was! Have fun today! Have fun everyday! Fun is the best ting ever! Well, after food lol... maybe I should get fed before I play with my cat... I think I'm hungry... I'm starving, now that I think about it... gotta go tell Momma! !!
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  11. MaryK Honored Member

    Hi Mouse:) I'm impressed, very impressed! That's sounds an awesome idea, dig a burrow in the bed for Mom. I'm sure she'd love that, just as your Mom loved your burrow. Oh yes your Mom sure was impressed and I'm thinking maybe she turned over the mattress so you could dig an even bigger burrow, your first one fitted you but of course, Momma would LOVE one big enough for her to fit into!:D I'd give that a try Mouse, if you've been released from the cage. Don't much like the sound of that! Is it a comfy cage? Wonder why she did that? After all, you cannot be expected to present her with surprises if you're locked in a cage, impossible!

    Mom says this forum rocks, cuz she always gets such grand advice but I think we, the dogs give the best advice, especially when it comes to surprises for our darling Moms! Alf's very good at those too! So I say this forum Rocks for Dogs! I'm learning so much!

    Oh Mouse, I do adore my hoodie and wearing coats, but I haven't tried booties yet. Rakins was like Ollie, big and tough and he HATED wearing a coat too! In winter Mom would put on a little sweater for me to go outside to pee but now it's Spring, well supposed to be Spring but that's gone missing so Summer has stepped up to take her place, I think I need a little fan not a sweater. Mom's gonna get me some pink doggles, and she says I may need booties, but with air flow, as the sidewalks get hot though I'm walked very early in the morning now.

    I've got a pet cat too. Well actually two of them. But I don't quite understand cat language. They're strange creatures. Today for example, I tried to encourage HRH Sylvannia Faery Kitten to play with me, she definitely needs the exercise but..........she just laid on her throne and batted me and made this appalling noise! It went HIIISSSSSS RAWAUL......HISS! Mom said to leave her cuz she doesn't want to play. Weird, I ALWAYS wanna play!

    The cats get fed at the same time and the other cat Maeve will wail and wail when it's near feed time! Speaking of food.....nope no use we've been fed....*sigh* gotta wait now until tomorrow morning for another feed. Such a long time between feeds!

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