I am a German Shepherd pup!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by duke, Jul 20, 2008.

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    My Name is Duke, I am pure bread GS! My owner's name is Diane! She's decided to train me herself instead of dropping me off somewhere for a month to be trained! I give her alot of problems, but she's very kind and loving to me and has alot of patience! I want to be good, But like I said before, I'm only a pup! 4 months old, and i must say i am gorgeous! In the future she wants me to protect her, I don't think she knows where to start, I can sit, stay, heel, lay down, and cuttle! But when can my owner start teaching me to be on guard on her command?

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    Hello and welcome!
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    Welcome to DTA!! :)
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    most GSD's do this instinctually if bred correctly. Make sure they get LOTS of socializing, all good interaction with ALL things, sounds smells and all kinds of activities, even tho you can train on your own, most time a good group class will help have nice socialization being around other ppl and dogs. a good guard dog is one that has had tons of socializing, that way they can tell good from bad, find out who does Shutzhund in your area and you can check with them on what you need to do.
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    welcome to the academy!
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    welcome to the academy!
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    german shepards are cool.

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