Husky Staff Cross

sian hills

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:) Hi

Just wondering if anyone knows of any other staffy/ husky cross dogs! Skye is ace but dont know anyone with the same cross!


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Welcome to DTA.

Huskies are only just becoming popular in my area so they are all purebred so far, I'm sure we'll get crossbreds soon as there are a few local owners who are keen to breed from their pets :mad: and accidents will happen. Huskies are magnificent dogs but... I have to confess that I'm hoping that in my area huskies will be a fad that goes away. I suspect that the local farmers are hoping the same thing and polishing up their target practice incase they get a chance to hurry the huskies off the scene permanently.

I once met the owner of a border collie/husky cross. I heard it was very trainable and a lot more reliable on recall than huskies generally are. I know a Staffie/Lab, she's a great dog - looks like and is kind like a lab but has all the energy and ego of a Staffie - rather like a labrador with Tigger inside!:LOL:

Is Skye a rescue dog? How does she compare to staffies and huskies? Is she easy to train? I should think that she is very energetic.


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Huskies are crossed with everything here, but they're very common. but Staffies (the Staffordshire Bull Terrier as opposed to the American Staffordshire Terrier) are extremely rare. AmStaffs and Pit Bulls are waaayyyy more common

but I must say, I have yet to meet a Pitty crossed with a Husky