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  1. GSDs4Ever Member

    Does anyone know why the You Tube channel HunkyMonkeyKane is not on you tube anymore? I haven't been on You Tube for a few months ( busy with my dog) but went to look the other week and show a new GSD owner some video's and couldn't see it?

    Some one said it had something to do with lying? something about her dog being from backyard breeder? I dunno...:rolleyes:

    Either way hope she is alright- backyard bred dog or not, she still had some cool video's.

  2. rouen Experienced Member

    My understanding is she (Kaines mom) was receiving some harsh comments among other things. I've not heard anything about Kaines origin, but that doesn't matter anyway.
  3. running_dog Honored Member

    The opening post for this thread is at best tactless and at worst... well what do you call spreading unsubstantiated gossip needlessly to another forum under the guise of concern? Whatever it is it isn't what I've come to expect on DTA.

    I know nothing about Kaine apart from seeing some (good) videos, I don't want to know gossip about Kaine, nor even to know that there is gossip about Kaine. I do know that YouTube attracts a lot of idiots who make foul comments often for no reason, lets leave all that on YouTube. Yes my comment is harsh but lets TRY to think before we type gossip.

    As an aside, in all likelihood my dog is from a backyard breeder, even worse I bought him secondhand not as a rescue. Once the person taking entries for a pet show tried to enter him into the purebred section... the other competitors became quite frantic because they were scared he'd beat their pedigrees :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  4. rouen Experienced Member

    My intent wasn't to continue any sort of gossip. If what I have heard is true it's a shame but it is what it is, same with Kaines breeding. Mine are both from BYB's, Dingo was a "free" puppy and Dasy was a shelter puppy. As far as the OP's intent, I dont know it I am not them. If they're trolling oh well, if not then maybe they have an answer to their question.
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  5. running_dog Honored Member

    Rouen, your reply was great.

    I did say "the opening post," it seems kind of strange for GSDs4Ever to ask for information and then basically say he or she already knows the answer and lets share it with the class :cautious:.

    Maybe my reply was too harsh, sorry, I got :mad: because if it were me I'd hate to find gossip following me all over the internet, the fact that it is probably by someone who doesn't mean any harm would be no consolation at all :(.

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