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    Hey yall,

    My names Cara. ^.^ I'm 22 and own 2 dogs, and have a bunch of ferrets. (use to run a rescue but dis continued since I moved.)
    I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear about my ferret buisness.

    I have had dogs all my life. From a golden retreiver as a child who loved water, people, and was a amazing dog. To a teenhood with a chihuahua mix who loved to ride in my bikes basket, and on canoe rides. My happy dog days were over when my mother decided to help out my brothers now wife(Yucky S.I.L who treats her dogs like shit) with adolpting a puppy from these people.

    Simba came to me when 06-07 as a 3 month old puppy who had never seen the light of day. He had been kept in a shower stall and barely knew how to walk. We thought we were getting a min pin puppy. Noooo...We got a mutt that didn't look anything like a min pin. He has spome kind of pit or bully breed in him. Oddly his half sis and bro were also pycho dogs.

    Sim is my nutt case. He has people aggression sometimes gets a little possessive, now has doog aggression towards any dog that shows aggression to him. He is just one, 50lbs of muscle, ball of face vs desk slamming urghness.

    Yet I love him. I wont give up on him. Before I got bojangles, I was walking him 7 mile hikes 3 times a week, going to dog events, and making sure my dumb ass dog got as desenatized as possible could. He did EXTREMLY good with this. He actualy was a different dog.

    Than I stopped....I got lazy(again).

    He reverted a little to being aggressive.

    Than my mother got bo bo and gave him to me.

    Bojangles is my flower child. He is a mastador. Mastive and lab cross. He loves people. Greets them and just wants to get loved on. He use to be good with other dogs.

    I took them for hikes! I enjoyed them. Everything was going good.

    Than i stopped. Bo turned a year old and one day took a chunk out of simba. A year later, I am nursing four (large) puncture wounds from trying to break up a fight between a 90-100lb mastive and a 40-50lb bully dog.

    WTF was I thinking for getting big,bully, aggressive, known dog breeds when i obviously couldn't take care of simba correctly.

    Yet again, I am too deep into this. To far in to just give up. These boys are my everything. They share part of my heart along with my weasels.

    So thats part of my story on my dumb dogs. You'll be seeing me ask questions and share events and stuff as i get back into the event of training my dogs(again), and getting myself back to shape.

    Thanks for reading!
    Bo is the black pup and sim is the brown. This was when they got a long.
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  2. southerngirl Honored Member

    Welcome! Both of your dogs are cuties. I don't see the bully in Sim, could you post a picture of him that shows his face and body more(one of him standing. How were you desensitizing Sim? How is he right now with people and dogs right now. When Bo started fighting with Sim did something happen that could have caused this? Do you use positive reinforcement, if so do you use a clicker? Sorry for all the questions, but the more we know the better we can help.:)
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  3. Dogster Honored Member

    Welcome!!! :) Southernigirl pretty much covered it all. Great post!!!!:D We'd love to see some more pics of your dogs!!!! (your dogs don't look like pit/bully mixes to me either.)
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  4. MaryK Honored Member

    Welcome!!!:) Southerngirl great post, she's covered it all:D . And your dogs don't look like pit/bully mixed to me either.
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