How To Train Your Dog To Touch Your Hand.

Jean Cote

Staff member
Wrote this quick HOW-TO for you dog lovers new to dog tricks training...

Here is how you train your dog to touch your hand or a target:

1) Get a margarine lid and cut a circle from it, this will be your target.​
2) Put it at your dog's eye level and immediately click when your dog touches it with his nose.​
3) Move the target around the room, walk backwards, as soon as he touches it with his nose ... click & reward.​

** Your timing has to be perfect, so it has to be exactly the same moment that he touches the lid.

4) Hide the target behind you, then put it in the middle of your palm. Say the word "Target" or "Touch" (whichever one you prefer) and 1 second later present your hand to her. Immediately click when he touches the target.​

** Doing this a bunch of times will associate the command with the behavior of touching the target.

5) Once your dog has mastered all of the above (and don't attempt this BEFORE doing the above), then you can move the target higher and higher until your dog gets on his hind legs to touch the target.​

;) Let me know how it works out. Have fun!! Don't forget to for more fun & easy lessons!