How To Punish My Puppy!!???


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hi friends,I'm writing to you and I'm mad and sad!!! as you all know I have a puppy in my our apartment,and we are in the 4th floor,and as you know I started to walk him each day. He pees well in the street and in the apartment he pees on the newspaper but some times he misses at all!!! and I say "bad boy" and put him in the crate,I don't know if this is enough anymore! my mum started to say"I don't want him here anymore, look for someone he wants a dog!!!" so how to fix this? how to punish my dog o/c not hitting him!!
please help me!!!:dogmad:


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mmm... my problem is not crate training or the potty! its what should I do as a punishment to make my 5 months old puppy understand that what he did is bad!!


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Unless you catch him WHILE he is not peeing where you want him to pee any punishment is pointless and does nothing more than ruin the positive relationship you want to build with your pup.

If you do catch your pup in the act of peeing inappropriately make a loud startling noise and place him where you want him to pee.

Best way to do this, (which will prevent other issues such as chewing) is to have him leashed to you AT ALL TIMES. never let him out of your sight, not even for a second.

Do you let him have free access to water? Puppies' bladders are SMALL! If you let him drink all he wants he will pee a LOT so you either have to take him out more often. Limit access to water, and pick water up after say 8 or 9 at night.

Trophy wasn't "fully" potty trained until almost 10 months, he's 99.5% reliable in the house now, especially with regular trips out every 4-5 hours or so, but I STILL limit his water intake. I make sure he has enough water to be healthy, but he doesn't have constant access to it and none at all after 9pm.


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He's not bad, he's a baby and doesn't know. Every single time he potties in the house it's your fault not his. Think of it that way. If you were using a crate, taking him out often enough, carrying him if needed, keeping track of when he needs to go (write it down), feed on a strict schedule b/c poop and pee comes out at predictable times after puppies eat and drink, and if you're watching 100% of the time with 100% of your attention he won't be able to potty in the house.

This is a simple timing exercise and you can do it. I have faith we can satisfy ur mom.

You pee'd and pooped in ur diapers for two years and ur mom didn't spank u or get rid of you. right? so ask for some time. I've had several dogs that never went in the house b/c i watched them like hawks and I did NOT punish. All you teach when you punish is the puppy will go off and hide so he won't get caught and yelled at and scared.

Puppies DO NOT have control over their bladder and bowel muscles to hold it until they are 9 or more months old. So you ask the impossible if you want him to hold it. He has to go out EVERY time he wakes up, drinks, eats, plays, gets excited, RIGHT THEN. So with the last bite of food out he goes to the spot u want him to go. Carry him right out don't make him walk down 4 floors.

When he goes reward him and praise him and make a big deal. give out lots of chicken or some meaty tasty treat he loves to TEACH him that potty is good outside and I LOVE IT. Repeat the same word over and over when he squats. I use hurry up hurry up hurry up and pretty soon when you say it he'll say OH that's the potty word and I get chicken so I'm going to pee now.

Get Patricia McConnell's Puppy Primer off Amazon or any book store, you can download it right away at Amazon. It's a great book. Don't yell or get mad or associate bad things with potty or ur puppy will just avoid and not trust you. Remember his bladder is tiny and if he gets excited he may have to go out as little as every 15 minutes. A general rule of thumb is they can hold it if crated for 1 hour for every month old if they are a big breed dog. little dogs are less. So for my golden puppy at 2 months I could expect her max time to hold it with no food or play at 2 hours during the day and maybe twice that at night.

IF ur puppy goes in the crate you went to long. A good way to tell is to go out every hour and get on ur schedule of feeding and playing and exercising at the same time every day. If you go out every hour soon you can predict puppy needs to go out at 6am, 8am, 12pm, 3pm, 5pm, 8pm, 10pm, and 2am and back to 6am as an example. Once you know you still need to watch 100% and take him out if he goes near the door, paces, and acts nervous, sniffs the floor, circles or whines. Just scoop him up and be happy and fun and go outside and set him up to succeed with a puppy party at the end. YAY GOOD PUPPY!!

Punishing teaches only fear of you, puppies memories are about 10 seconds. If you don't catch him in the act he will never understand that he puttied and you don't like it. He will come to fear pottying and you'll have a harder time training him. I've potty trained over a dozen dogs that were mostly perfect...and mostly because I HATE to clean it up I really watched them. So get a crate that isn't too big so he can't pee in one end then go sleep on the other end. it needs to be just big enough to stand up and turn around.

if you have questions about crates just ask. but without a crate he probably can't wait all night so he will potty in the house. just remember it's ur fault if he fails and start today to succeed..he never has to go in the house again if u are diligent.

the key is be kind and be positive and reward what you like. if you catch ur puppy say his name loud enough to get his attention but don't yell or get mad and scoop him right up and go outside. when he finishes PUPPY PARTY again. He'll catch on. good luck to u....ask if u need more help. TXCG had some good advice too. hug that new little cuddly pup for me
I taught my puppy to come put her paw on my knee when she nees to go and she's so cute and was reliable in 6-12 months. I still gate of the basment and up stairs that giving he too much unobserved room to get lost in and forget how to get back to the potty door. So give liteel bits of are like the kitchen or laundery with a tile loor and gate him in with doggie gates where he can hang with u guys. clean up with natures little miracle and ti takes ALL of the small out so don't freak over and accident.

I fell soo bad that ur mom is mad ut i bet you can work around thos. if you want some help setiing up a schedule let me know okay. glad to do it for ut


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Email me or PM me any time and I'll be glad to help. you just need the right tools to work with===we can do this. :D Hang in thre.


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guys I always love to have problems just to talk to you!! ;)
just a question:
the crate!! I use the crate only for sleeping and rarely for leaving him alone,I don't like to leave him in the crate alone because of barking!(we are in 4th floor,you know neighbors issue)
so,after reading your post,I feel like crate should be used for other issues,and more often during the day?
could you help me with this! and I dont know why could someone have a dog and crate him for nothing O_o,but,I wont lie if I told you I'm concerned how I am gonna leave him in the crate when we all go to work(you know,peeing in the crate,barking, no food,no water.....OMG Im gonna kill my pup!) :( these thoughts are killing me!


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Again, read the threads I linked to. It goes over how to PROPERLY crate train to have a puppy who DOESN'T bark in his crate and any other issues dogs usually have. Also mentions that crates shouldn't be used for time-outs because it completely defeats the purpose of crate-training. Even when time-outs seem to be successful, it's really only because you have that angry look and attitude when you put him in time out. The result is from YOUR behavior, NOT the time-out at all. Dogs don't understand time-out.

If you read those two threads, they address a lot of your problems. Read them before saying that's not your issue.


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thanks snooks for your info :) but could you tell me what is "a voice marker" I taught my puppy to sit,down,sit pretty,play dead without any clicker but now for the barking thing I think I need something like that,but I'm afraid they don't sell such things here"in Jordan-Middle east"...


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you could use a ball point pen clicker, a screw on bottle cap that was vacuum sealed (like Snapple in the states). Maybe have a friend in the states send some or mail order. They are less than a dollar for a cheapo box clicker. something small enough to hold and mostly conceal in a hand-you don't want him anticipating and staring at the clicker. I usually hold food and clicker behind my back. then i can be fast dispensing chicken and not fumbling with a bag. If the dog isn't concentrating on my hands he's concentrating on what is it that HE is doing that's getting the click and treat. :dogtongue2:

Hope that sparks some ideas. I can give you links if you like-don't know what the import taxes over there are tho. :dogtongue:

A voice marker is used the same way- I use Yesssss so that it sounds very unlike the speach that is usually coming out of my mouth. Verbal markers don't have the impact for me that a click does because they always are a little different just b/c I am imperfect. Also my voice does not always mean food where a click always means food and it's very distictive. So it bypasses the thinking brain and goes right to the reactive brain and you get a better result.

Some folks just don't like clickers so I dont like to push them but they do have some good points for me. More than you wanted to know's why the science sez so.


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ok great! I have a friend in states now I could send him an e-mail to buy me one :)
thanks snooks,I know I asked a lot of questions in one thread,thanks for your time! :)