How should I teach "Catch your tail"?


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I have a German Shepherd mix puppy(she's about 5 months, a little older, right now) and I really want to teach her to catch her tail, and possibly "bring it to me". Does anyone have some ideas on how I can free shape that?

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Similar to shy where you put something lightly sticky on their nose like a small postit or not too sticky clear tape to induce a paw swipe. Perhaps target her tail with nose or take it? Shape it out with clicker and perhaps a target stick and good treats. Teach first laying down and drop treats on her tail. Just ideas since I haven't tried problem is opposite when mine get bored they'll chase tails and after one OCD tail chaser I stop that and go do something ELSE. LOL

Funny and a good trick-I like it and it should be a crowd pleaser. Please video ur trick and post it--would LOVE to see.

And what a CUTE those GSD's.