How often do you feed your dog?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by Jean Cote, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. Jean Cote Administrator

    Please answer the poll: How often do you feed your dog?

  2. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Once a day in the evening so that she's ready for food all day long during training. :) (She gets food for training treats throughout the day.)
  3. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Once a day, I train with her dinner. :)
    Except for running contacts, I train her that during the day, in the weekends.
  4. alee New Member

    My dog's dish is usually full, not because i fill it like 6 times a day but he normally just picks at it.
  5. ruffmuttk9z New Member

    Twice daily: sometime in the AM and sometime in the PM.
  6. storm22 Experienced Member

    i feed my dogs twice a day plus treats while training, storm never ate his whole meal anytime of day so i broke it up and feed him twice a day (hes much happier) and with koda i just carried on what i do for storm
  7. hunniedoll New Member

    I have been doing alot of training with my dog recently so I made sure to buy him training treats that were low in fat. He eats twice a day, once in AM and once in the PM. He eats up every bit too, Just hope Im not feeding him TOO much. Everyone's responses kinda made me more conscience of this...
  8. pawprint4 New Member

    twice a day, morning and evening. And during training and walks (if he's a good boy :dogbiggrin:)
  9. heidib860 New Member

    Twice a day AM and PM, plus treats when training.
  10. leema New Member

    I feed my dogs once a day - mostly in the evening. Sometimes they will get a midday meal, or sometimes they'll get a morning meal if they skip an evening meal.
  11. hrb14 New Member

    :dogsmile:As a puppy I feed him three times a day and he learned to regulate on his own so now I fill the bowl when I get up and its more than enough to get him through the day. Every morning theres a little food left in the bowl so I throw it away and start fresh. I have found that he does most of his eating at this time. While training he gets treats but with a doxie you really have to be careful about weight contrl. He is very fit now but i could see him putting on wieght as he gets older.
  12. johmel New Member

    that makes me feel a lot better since I have a girl husky too and I fill up her dish too and she just picks at it, but she drinks and pee's like a race horse. How old is your girl, how much does she weigh and do you have any more pix of her? Mines is 12 weeks as of yesterday and to me she is skinny, I can feel her spine
  13. welshherder New Member

    I feed in twice a day morning and evening. But usually the morning ration is picked at and then finished with a bit more added in the evening. She also gets treats usually Zukes mini naturals for training. I would love to use her kibble for training but it is not that interesting for her. What kind of kibble do you all feed and use for training treats/rewards?

  14. alcastiello New Member

    I free feed my dog and have done this since he was a puppy. It works great! He eats when he's hungry and he's not always begging for food between meals.
  15. bclover New Member

    I feed twice a day, but as soon as the pup is a year old, it will be once in the evening. They will be getting training treats thoughout the day.
  16. achieve1dream Experienced Member

    Hey Johmel, most husky owners can feel their dog's spines. Its just the breed. There's nothing wrong with her. My husky has stayed the same weight all her life even though I free feed her. And most only nibble at their food as well, most are just not veracious eaters. In fact to me I feel like my new dog is fat because I got so used to Storm's body weight, lol.

    As to the poll, I give my husky free access to feed at night (only time I can keep them separated and she used to choose to eat at night anyway). I feed my Beagle/Mt. Cur twice a day because he will overeat if I free feed. I like feeding him the smaller meals because it keeps him interested in food throughout the day as I train him.
  17. maven New Member

    My breeder has suggested that I not even buy a food bowl but only deliver kibble through chew toys -- things like Kongs, Buster Balls and Orka toys. Since my guy will be 6 months old when he comes home she tells me that it might very well save my table legs and other furniture from the teething stage.

    The full suggestion is to stuff the toys with his regular dog food and tie them to his crate so he can't take them out running around, but has to stay close to the crate to chew and "forage". It makes sense to me -- I'm planning to try it.

    Man, I can't wait to get my hands on this pup. :) It's very hard owning a puppy that lives half-way across the country.
  18. ozibe Experienced Member

    once a day dinner girl

    once a day, just for convenience really. Anytime after my dinner which could be anytime of the evening due to work hours. She doesn't beg or pace around for her dinner if it is late.:msngrin:

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