How Not To Greet A Dog


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So many people get this wrong!! When people ask to pet my dog they stick their hand out, crouch down and then pet her on her head:mad:. My dog ends up freaking out and barking! People end up leaving and saying how ``aggressive `` my dog is!:mad:


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Yeah, a lot of people get this wrong!!!! I never pet dogs unless they let me pet them, if that makes sense....
Shivon doesn't mind any form of attention, but a lot of people don't care if she JUMPS on them ( they do 5 or 6 to her, OMD).:mad: They're all over her, and no matter how many times I tell them, sigh....:rolleyes::mad:


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Yeah, that is a good one. My dog will also take anyone, doing anything, to him. A total stranger can rush up to Buddy, throw their arms around, and squeal how cute he is, right in his face,
and Buddy will be okay with all that, but, many dogs would dislike such rudeness.

NO DOUBT, dogs sure would prefer better manners from us humans!! I'm also surprised when ppl do not even ASK prior to reaching for my dog. LUckily, my dog is fine with anyone doing anything, but, even today, at Petsmart, I was reading a package,
heard someone talking behind me,
and realized, some stranger is now leaning over my dog, cooing in his face, and rubbing his head. I did not even see her coming. she did not even ASK first!!!
She just decided she had to lean over and about kiss on my dog!! Her face was only inches off of my dog's face!! behind my back!!! WOW.

Luckily for her, my dog IS fine with that, but, wow, she could end up getting bit if she does this to wrong dog!!!!!!!! PLus, her behavior could freak out the wrong dog, adding to his stress.

Oddly, children tend to ASK first, and i always compliment the children for asking first, telling them that is so smart to always ask about dogs they dont' know.

but, adults, not so much. Adults tend to just jump in, lean over my dog, and rub all over my dog, even kiss my dog!!!!, and all the while squealing in his face!!! wow. Actually, the more i think about this, it's hard to recall very many adults who even ASK!!!!


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ONE MORE THING i'd add to poster that Anneke has there,

Rule #2
If human has a dog with them, ASK the other human if it is okay for their DOGS to meet,
prior to rushing us with your dog.

Rule #3
If a human tells you, "No, don't bring your dog over here to my dog"
BELIEVE THEM, and do NOT assure them how friendly YOUR dog is.:rolleyes:

Rule #4
If a human tells you, "No don't meet my dog, just ignore him."
BELIEVE THEM, and do NOT assure them how dogs always love you, or what a "dog person" you are, etc.:rolleyes:


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I have the same "problem" Dogster:D There are always treats in my pocket and my hands smell of them, so dogs tend to come over to me and sniff me.
But even then I don't move into them. I stand up straight, let them sniff my hand and carefully tickle under their chin. And when they are fine with that, then I pet then then on the side.


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Ey, Dogcrazy, maybe, maybe, next time someone asks to pet your dog,
tell them "Only if you don't lean over her, and only pet her sides" (or wherever your dog is comfy about being petted by strangers).
If it turns out, that bulk of ppl asking still don't listen to your new instructions,
you *may* want to consider just saying "No" when they ask to pet Carmel.

Maybe, IF you stop saying "yes"....... maybe, Carmel would be happier and you'd also be happier, too, cuz you wouldn't have to hear stupid remarks :cautious: from the ppl...

just a thought. Not all dogs enjoy strangers touching them:cautious: , and not all dogs enjoy having strangers touch their heads, which, like you say, IS the #1 place the average person will touch a dog.O_o


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unbelievably, i had to desensitize Buddy to having under his chin touched.:eek:
I know, i thought ALL dogs liked "under their chin" touched,
but, mine did NOT like it a bit.:rolleyes:

Once i did get my dog to stop biting everyone who touched him, and got him to "like" humans,
You could touch my dog anywhere, anywhere,
except under his chin!! O_o He'd back up, lick his lips, and move away, if anyone touched under his chin.

I even got a magnifying glass to make sure he didn't have a splinter there or something, could not figure it out. (there was no splinter).

so i did help him learn it IS okay to have ppl touch under your chin.:ROFLMAO: Go figure. I used kikopup's "shy dog" video to help Buddy learn it is FINE if ppl touch under his chin. And even though my dog is not shy, he had a thing about being touched under his chin, and kikopup's shy video helped me know what to do.

Now he is fine if people touch under his chin, actually likes it now.


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Carmel usually runs up to people to get attention but then many people decide to crouch down or lean over her. I also noticed that kids are usually more polite than adults. My dog loves kids, not big men.


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Oliver eats people, so no one can pet him, but if they turn their back to him, he will go up and sniff them without trying to kill them LOL. Mouse doesn't really like people touching her, she's too busy looking for food, and really HATES them touching her head.... unless she jumps at them for kisses LOL. I will only let people touch Boo one at a time, and only if he goes to them, otherwise he'll get angry


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ah, now i see how it happens, gotcha.

yeah, rofl, that'd be a tough one!! yeah, i can see just what you mean now.

// I also noticed that kids are usually more polite than adults.//
This is interesting to me, that YOU also notice this, as well,
since you ARE young, and very young. I wasn't sure if it was just cuz i am older, if kids were extra polite,
but neat to know even you notice same thing.:)

what's up with that?? what--------- did we miss an entire generation or something, when we taught dog manners??:ROFLMAO: cuz i also find kids way way way more likely to ask prior to reaching for my dog.

adults, not so much.:rolleyes: