How much is too much?


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My puppy is now 9 weeks, so far we have sit, lay down, shake paw,release,play dead( rolls on back), stay in the command, stare at me. I truely was going to just stick to the few basics but he got bord.We are working on recall but that has been a tricky one for him. Also working on, go pee. Basically one new command a day, is that reasonable? I hand feed him and also not treating him every command to keep his interest though we never go over 15 mins, 3 x a day.


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i think that's great! I didn't really focus on how much I wanted my puppy to learn, I just wanted him to learn that training was fun and to learn HOW to learn. So I did a ton of introduction to tricks. I think you can introduce as many new tricks as you want, just keep in mind that they won't all be trained to perfection in such a short time. it'll be awhile before your puppy has actual verbal cues.

You can see weekly videos I made last year of my puppy here:
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