How many tricks can your dog perform?

Jean Cote

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Please answer the poll question:

How many tricks can your dog perform?

And if you want, please reply to this thread with your favorite trick performed by your dog. :)

Thank you for sharing!!


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Great topic Jean.
Let's see....we've put a lot of time into our dogs, so they all know more than 20 tricks each,
the joy comes in teaching them something new, then finding more things to try out with them.
Favourite tricks...thats a hard one :dogdry:

Delta : Anne likes the jump on her trick, and she does it 100% reliability. :msnohyes:

Arlie : Not sure of it's real name , I call it "back-round" , she is in heel position, and goes around my legs 360deg backwards. She learnt it very quickly and loves to do it, seems to be a crowd pleaser too. ( It's her birthday today, she turned 10 :msnparty: )

Talin : He has lots of good tricks, but his favourite is is what we call "Salute ", it used to be a "wave" but he got so enthusiastic doing it that he now raises his paw up to touch his ear, it looks funny and cute. :msnwink:


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I listed Kelsey, she knows the most tricks. Skye, the aussie (fat, lazy and not the brightest bulb in the package) and Boone, the St Bernard are just now starting to learn tricks. Boone only knows 5 tricks, Skye knows 3.5 lol. Kelsey, my dobe knows the most, I think her favorite is to beg, she will even do that when she wants to be petted.



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i did this poll based on storm, i actually wrote all his tricks he knows down the other day and stuck it on the wall (to remind me to go back and refresh his and my mind on them) he knows about 24 tircks all up,

but koda only knows about 8 all up but im not complaining shes only 7months old how far can you push it right

writing them up was a great idea cause my family come in and also see it and ask storm to do tricks also i did a list up for koda and my mum has been training her them too


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Pami knows over 35, if I count the heelwork stuff too, but if I don't, she still knows over 30...


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Sorry, forgot to mention favourite tricks...

My favourite trick for Mac is 'scary' where he covers his face with his paw, and 'lick-ya-lips'.

My favourite trick of Clover's is 'ounce' (where she takes a jump towards me). A crowd pleasure is where I can send her clockwise or anticlockwise around things... And people are very impressed when I can send her around them!


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Una knows more than 20 tricks :)

My favourite is jumping over my hand, leg and hand (jumping over "swallow") - I bet with my friends that I tought her it in few days :) And I won :)
It looks like that:

And my second favourite is sausage's retrieving. It's very spectacular :dogbiggrin:


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Timber, my aussie, probably knows more than I give him credit for. But I said 5-9. He just turned a year old. We did a tricks demo at a humane society event a few weeks ago. He did each and every trick perfectly. I was so proud of him!

I'm starting my new puppy (8 weeks) out with shake paw.



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Charlie is at 100 +/- ....

The trick that I think is the cutest, of the ones he really likes doing, is 'dead dog'. It is a comedic pose, where he rolls onto his back and arches around, stretching his front legs up in the air and curling the back ones in :D I'll try to get a video of it.

Harmony is somewhere around 40, and her favorite is pulling off my socks and bringing them to me, closely followed by getting her leash :)


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Argo knows over 80 behaviors
Her most impressive is reading cues off flash cards: sit, Go Hide(go between my legs and turn around come back thru and stop with just her head between my legs and look up at me), Jump up, and raise your left paw (which is "aww wounded puppy cue for her). This behavior gets a big smile from ppl, I like kids to see it, they are fun to show this too. I try to get them to read more.
You can see some tricks she does on youtube enter "Argo the wonder dog" on the home page. I have to get her on camera with reading cues. I have to get someone to help me.


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Mine is 1 and not very trained.just when my mother tells him to sit or reach out for his favorite toys : my ball , foot ball and a tiny little bear he likes to play with.I sometimes try to make him put his pad in my hand like we were shaking hands but if i do that repeatedly , 5 to 10 times he reaches out for my hand but the next day.. the trick is gone :(


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Grady is 2 years old has been with us for 6 months now. He was not socialized or trained in his previous home. When we adopted Grady he was just learning to sit and basic commands at his foster home. Grady has come a long way in the time he has been in our home learning 14+ tricks (and learning more), he has become a very social at our local watering hole and is excited to begin agility training.


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Jack the Chihuahua is 8months and I think he is really smart. He learns quick and his tricks stick. He really seems to enjoy learning as well. My favourite trick of his are when I say "Is it stinky?" and he covers his nose. He also rolls over so fast it's pretty funny. He knows around 10 tricks.

Patrick is 6months and also a chihuahua. His best trick currently is waving. He also has a really good army crawl.

I just started clicker training them yesterday and they caught on quickly and seemed to enjoy it. I hope it helps us learn even more tricks - it helps them build confidence when they are successful I think.