How Many People Have Pugs?

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  1. Sally Honna Member

    I have a Pug and I was wondering how many other people on here hae one too. If you have a Puggle or half-pug mix, you can say that too. If you don't have a Pug or half-pug, then you can still say what dog you have. Thank you!

  2. Sally Honna Member

    My pug is named Gigi. She is 4 years old and has aq lot of energy. We got her when she was only a few months old. She barked constantly then, but is much better now. You can see a picture of her on my profile picture. That picture is not the best, so I will try to get a better one. She has a "heart" print on her foot that she was born with. We thought it would fade after a year or so, but it didn't, and it is still there. Since Gigi is 4, she slowed down a little bit, but still has lots of life and puppy energy left. We have had pugs all through the family. I have had 2(not at the same time), but some of my other family members and reletives have had more. I will gove more updates on Gigi later and hopefully get a better picture when I have time. Thanks!
  3. storm22 Experienced Member

    hi there, at the moment we have two pug boys in our family, luka and bacon, but we've rescued 3 other pugs before , pippa, pugzi and baz, they were all old rescues
    we first got pippa whos fam didnt want her anymore as she was very overweight and made too much noise, then after she passed away we got pugzi (who actually got the rest of the family to love pugs as pippa didnt help the cause much lol) then my sister bought her puppy luka, then we got old baz when luka was about 3years, sadly pugzi and baz died within a week of each other as they had become dependant on each other soo much os when baz died pugz was lost, same thing happened to luka as he lost his surrogate mum pugzi but he played with my two big dogs but was always sad, when we heard about bacon (hes a rescue he has chrons disease and his old owners were finding it tough to keep him on his special diet when they have a toddler who was more than happy to feed a STARVING DOG lol)
    so we got bacon we have two happy 5years old boy pugs a blue heeler and a rotti mix in our family fold
    great to meet another puggy owner

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