housebreaking problem


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hey people i just adopted a french bull dog.. and i am having tough time housebreaking them..
can u people suggest me with some good ideas on how to potytrain them...
thank u

Hey there 27, I'm a preofessional trainer living in central oregon. One of the best ways to train your dog to not pee do his business is to crate train him or her. there are many book available on the subject. I can also suggest one of the best training videos on the market. It's called crate games by Sue Garrett the dvd is amazing in the way it makes a game of many obedience issues. remember when ever you see your dog doing a behavior you want to see reward him or her at the momemt you see it happening by havign treats available. the misconception ot punishment after the fact is true. If we wait to punish our dogs hours after the fact it will never do any good. Take your dog out the first thing in the morning on a lead"leash" take him to the spot you want him to go when he starts to sniff say " go Pottie" if he does then great if he waits a bit that's ok too as soon as he goes wait until he is done and then heavily reward him. Wait at least 10 minutes before you take him inside again as his bladder will not be empty yet and he will go again in the house. repeat this during the day do not give him freedom of the house until you can trust him. Keep him on the lead when not supervised or in his crate./ i hope this helps.



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w0lf;9558 said:
The best thing to do is, when you see him urinating inside the house, to punish him by saying "bad boy" with an angry voice
I'm sorry but I disagree. In my opinion, you should NEVER tell your dog he is a "bad boy" regardless!!! A simple "ah-ah," "no," or any loud distracting noise will distract him, he'll stop in mid-stream and you can then proceed to take him outside to finish his business. Make sure when he does his business outside, you are generously praising him the ENTIRE time! Then when you go back inside, give him a treat for doing his business outside, or take it out with you so that you can immediately reward him for it.