Holiday Caution!

Jean Cote

Staff member
Just wanted to remind everybody to take special precautions during the holidays to keep your pets safe, especially if you are having people over.

Keep your house safe by keeping tinsel, ribbons, ornaments or any Christmas decorations out of reach! Place those electrical cords out of reach!!! You wouldn't want your kid to play with them - so don't let your dog either. :)

Do not let your dog drink the Christmas tree water! Sometimes the chemicals used in the water to keep trees 'alive' can seriously injure your dog if ingested!

Watch out for candy (especially chocolate) out of reach! I should repeat - chocolate is TOXIC for dogs!

Take SPECIAL CAUTION for winter chemicals - especially ANTIFREEZE! Do not store antifreeze anywhere in your house that your dog can get to.

Of course, do not let your dog sleep outside if it's too cold. And make sure that he has a warm place to go to. Check your dog's water level to make sure it hasn't frozen either!

If you are having people over, keep your dog's crate open and out of sight of everyone. Try placing it in a quiet room where nobody will be several days before the party so that your dog knows where it is - if he chooses to have a break.

Do not let people play with the dog after he has eaten. Dog's stomachs can twist when their stomach is full and they exercise.

Have a Merry Christmas! :)