"Hiding Veggies" dog treats


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I boil or steam the veggies til soft, and cook the meat.

I purreed/beat both veggie together, i used snap-peas, carrotts and steak. I stirred in meat scraps which were chopped up. Add Oats to thicken as needed. Garlic optional.
Sometimes i puree the whole thing, other times i just beat it with a beater. Buddy loves it either way.
I have heard TOO MUCH liver is "too rich" to give often, so THIS recipe Buddy gets liver taste, but isn't getting 100% liver, in case liver IS "too rich".
Each bite is only 1/3 liver.

I spread this out on NONSTICK cookie sheets, or, i make lil cookies of it, and baked it for quite a while. I regret i did not use a nonstick pan, and think next time i'll just slop across a teflon cookie sheet. Turn during cooking, if you want.
Cook until chewy or crisp, whichever your dog prefers.
Break up into crumbles, for training size.

Store in fridge, optional=reheat in microwave briefly before serving. FREEZE leftovers, for later. I make about a month's worth all at once, and freeze them. THEN i KNOW my dog's training treats ARE healthy!!
MY DOG WOLFS THESE, will do anything for one!! Even a frozen one, especially if the meat i use is LIVER.

TO MAKE CUPCAKES, DOUBLE THE RECIPE, and ADD IN EGG to other ingredients---AND DON'T USE LIVER, THEN, USE STEAK, so you won't hafta be concerned about how much liver is in each cupcake. Slop mixture into NONSTICK cupcake pan, and put some kinda anti-stick thing of your choice into cup to keep these from sticking. LIke that new, wonderful no-stick aluminum foil, maybe...paper cups Would stick to these, i think.

Sprinkle with shredded cheese for 'frosting'

**** YOu can use any two veggies or fruits EXCEPT NO: grapes, raisens, avocado, no apple core,seeds or stems, no onion, no mushroom, and of course, no chocolate.


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Youre welcome! I like it cuz a lil tub of chicken liver is only like $1.50, and even though dogs can't eat a whole LOT of liver all the time cuz it is rich, in THIS recipe, each lil piece is only 1/3 or less actual liver.

My Buddy goes crazy for this. Totally crazy!:dogbiggrin:

Most of the recipe i FREEZE, in small bags, so i can divey it out sparingly. This makes A LOT of treats.

Is probably even healthier to use carrotts instead of potatoes + green veggie. Fresh veggies, not canned, of course!


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TRY these for YOUR dog!!

I can't believe lotsa people aren't going crazy over my recipe...Or at least lotsa DOGS going crazy over my recipe....?!!

IT'S HEALTHY, CHEAP, AND EASY, and GOOD for the dog!! Liver taste, but not "too much" (?) liver, cuz i've heard liver is something dogs should not eat tons of, cuz it is "too rich"(?)...PLus, you CAN swap out the liver for ANY meat , poultry or fish.

My buddy does not like UNCOOKED carrotts, or uncooked green beans, but he LOVES these treats.


NO FLOUR!! (there is NO WAY dogs need flour..... ever..) :dogtongue:



One batch--is lotta treats, freeze leftovers, and you have a whole month's worth of HEALTHY treats!!---for $4!!! cuz it costs like, $1 for the liver, $2 for the fresh carrotts, and $1 for the fresh green beans...



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THANK YOU!! FINALLY someone tried my recipe!!! WOOHOO!!

I'm so glad your dog loves these too! I make extras, and i give lil bags of these homemade treats to other dog guardians in my hood, and everyone can't get over how much their dogs love them too!! A few of them have asked for the recipe. ONe lady whose dog never apparently cares for treats that much,(!?) said her even her dog go crazy for one, so she needed recipe too. Needless to say, i was conceited all day after that. ha ha

Isn't it nice to know your dog treats are healthy? Man, if i am using these, Buddy tries really hard on his training!! ha ha

SO Cheap!!! healthy and not hard to make. No flour, no preservatives, no salt, no sugar, no 'flavors', no toxins, no extra fats, and you can change up the recipe with whatever leftover meat you have around.

ONly drawback, is, these are for in-the-house training, cuz they can only be at room temp briefly, like an hour or two, cuz there are no preservatives. So i still hafta buy some treats for like, out in the woods training, etc.


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You know, i DO need to ever time that, you are right. It is a long time!!! Mind you, the meat is already cooked prior to putting into the oven, so are they veggies, the cooking in the oven is only to dry it up. Usually, i will flip the stuff over a few times, too. It is messy looking, usually.

STICKS like crazy, so use a nonstick cookie sheet, or spray something, or i use those blue rubber cookie sheet liners, made of silicone.

These blue silicone cookie sheet liners are pricey, like $8 to $10 each, but i love mine!! I never ever burn anything ever again, nothing burns on these.

Depending on if i am going for the softer, chewier result, (guess= 20-30 minutes?)

.........or the more drier, but not really exactly crisp version (guess = 40-50 minutes). Once, when i hadn't added in many oats to thicken it up some, i had to cook in even longer than that!!!

When i ever invented this recipe, i was very surprised how long it took to cook in the oven!!!!

I usually only cook these up in the cooler night time, cuz it heats up whole downstairs area, ha ha!!! gets way hot in here!!! It DOES take a long time to cook them up to be drier.

Is very good question, i will time my next batch and post that. I never time it, (duh!) folks who don't use the blue rubbery mats may cook in less time, i'd guess. but, wow, they will hafta reeeally scrub hard to get the cookie sheet clean again!!!

sorry!! guess this was not too helpful of answer...


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I WISH I HAD ADDED IN, YOU JUST ABOUT HAVE TO USE ONE OF THOSE BLUE SILICONE COOKIE SHEET LINERS ---these do stick like crazy, even on greased cookie sheet.


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wow, i just reread this old post, and the recipe, i did TERRIBLE job of explaining the
1 cup chicken liver
1 cup yellow veggie
1 cup green veggie
1 egg (optional, but, they fall apart easier without the egg)
Oats to thicken.

cook 1st three ingredients, in any way you like. BEAT together, and mix in egg, stir oats to thicken.
Drop by spoonfuls onto blue rubbery silicone cookie sheet liner. (or these will stick)


BAKE AT 450 x 30 minutes or so...sometimes 45 minutes,( til firm.)

EAch cookie can be broken up into small crumbs for tricks training.
(dogs do not care how big a training treat is, at all)

Now take 1 week supply of treats and put into baggies.
Put all those baggies in a freezer bag, and freeze.
Store this week's supply in refridgerator.