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  1. Ivushiq Well-Known Member

    Hi! My name is Ivana and I am owner of a 5 months old Border Collie puppy. His name is Archie and he is my first dog :) I want to train mainly agility and dogdancing with him, and maybe also obedience. We will see. His favorite game is to hunt the big ball, but also everything that moves- unfortunately even cars and bikes. He also likes plastic bottles very much. Archie is really smart and learns really fast- and even faster since I started to use clicker this month. I found it really usefull when I was learning him to lay down, but also with other tricks.
    What we learned so far
    -lie down
    -stand up
    -give paws
    -roll over
    -do a circle
    -go backwards
    -spin around his front legs
    What we are now working on is to give his paws not only in my hand but also in air :)
    And we are eager to learn many more things :)

  2. Dogster Honored Member

    WELCOME!!!! Wow, Archie knows a lot for his age!!!! That's great that you want to get involved in different activities with your dog!!!:D I wouldn't recommend for him to stand on his hind legs too, too much, cuz he is still young and developping. That's just my opinion. If you're looking for an AWESOME everything DOG site, then you've come to the right place!!!! Welcome, and please stick around!!!:)
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  3. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    WELCOME!! WOW, sounds like you are doing great teaching the puppy tricks! Very good list for so young of a puppy!
    such a cuuuute dog, too, feel free to post even more photos so we can see him better!

    Yeah, i am with Dogster, i would not have a young puppy standing up on his hind legs yet. Dog bones don't fully "harden" til they are about 18 mos old, some say not til the dog is 24 months old. Because of this, some experts say it's best to not have a young dog doing too much standing on only two legs, nor jumping very high, nor running for great distances.........YET.
    Not til he is 18 to 24 months old. Otherwise, they say the dog can become more likely to have joint problems when he is older.
    I guess better safe than sorry.

    I never knew that either, :oops: when i had super young dogs, but, i wish i had.

    BUT WOW, have you ever found a great site to find more tricks to teach that very smart puppy!!! Hope we see you and that cute dog around here all the time!!!
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  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    By the way, i can understand your concern with wanting to teach Archie how to be calm and not chase cars. (i love his name, "Archie"--too cute!)

    Cars are everyone's worst nightmare for their dogs....:cry:

    Here is an idea you might want to consider to help Archie learn how to be calm when he sees cars. In this video, the guy starts RIGHT BESIDE the street, but, all dogs are different,
    and YOU may have to start a bit further back at first,
    and then advance along closer, over time,
    lesson by lesson, til finally, Archie is not chasing cars anymore.:D

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  5. Ivushiq Well-Known Member

    Oh thank you guys :) I am aware he shouldn´t do these things- I´ll leave them for when he is older. His car chasing looks a little bit different, he usually doesn´t jump on the car, he only runs behind it when off leash (at places where are few cars) and do it even if he doesn´t see the car anymore when I let him go.
  6. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    //"His car chasing looks a little bit different, he usually doesn´t jump on the car, he only runs behind it when off leash"//

    Still, your dog could get run over by a car by chasing cars. The dog in the video would probably chase the cars, too, but he IS leashed, so all he can do instead is lunge and bark, but, probably, if that dog in the video was offleash, he'd chase the cars, too.

    Chasing cars is something you might want to teach your dog to stop doing, to prevent your dog from getting hit by a car. If you wanted to, you could teach your dog to be calm when he sees cars, using the steps shown in the video.

    Especially since you ARE very good at teaching your dog things,
    i think YOU could be very very successful at teaching your dog you DO want him to be calm when he sees cars.
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  7. southerngirl Honored Member

    Please do work on getting your dog to not chase cars, it's very dangerous my neighbors 2 dogs where killed from cars.:eek: When my dog was younger(he's 16) he'd Chase cars he got hit by a car once and 2 times with a motorcycle. From the car it broke his ankle and took a while to heal now that he is old just like the vet warned Chase(he got his name because he always chased cars) has no use of this ankle it just flops around.
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  8. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    I WONDERED how Chase got his name.....
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  9. Ivushiq Well-Known Member

    Oh, but I didn´t say I won´t learn him not to chase cars :) Actually, I started to train it today :) But he was really calm with the cars when he was on leash- he didn´t even try to go their way. He used to do it when he was younger but he didn´t even look at them.

    Belive me, I really don´t want him to be hit by a car. I love him too much :D
  10. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    YESsss! YAY!!! Keep us posted if you need help or encouragement or anything, YOU CAN DO IT, IVUSHIQ!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Don't give up!! It will take time, way more than one lesson, to help Archie learn how to be calm around cars, but, you can do it!!!
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