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Hey everyone,

I am Amy, I have an Akita pup called Dakota...shes adorable =)

Just need help with a few things! shes 7 months old. My partner is a fly in fly out worker and when he is gone Dakota walks all over me! she bites the skirting boards, pulls the washing off the line and gets into everything!! What can i do to stop this??

Thanks =)


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WELCOME!!!!:LOL: Like Jean said, how much exercise is Dakota getting???? It might be the root of the problems...
That might be a way for her to get rid of all that bent up energy, or to just say " MOM, I'm bored!"
Have you tried trick training or agility with Dakota??? It is a GREAT way to get rid of "excess" energy and a GREAT mental activity for your dog!!!!:D
Also, do you/will you use a clicker??? AWESOME training tools!!!!(y)


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Like Dogster and Jean said she may need more exercise. Agility is a great way to get rid of energy but if you do agility remember she is a puppy and can only do very low jumps cause her bones aren't done growing. Maybe you could find a place around were you live that offers puppy agility. Of course there are other ways to get rid of excess energy like two walks a day(check how long a puppy of 7months should be walked to long isn't good for a pup) with play time in between and training such as sit lay down, stay come and other essential things a pup should be taught.