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One week ago we adopted a mostly shepherd pup... I started training him with basics the day after we brought him home and in the past week he has learned so much.. I was sharing on my facebook how impressed I was with my new child and a friend recommended this site, so here I am!

My name is Mindy, I am a mother to 3 children 2 dogs and a ferret..LOL

Cypher(our 2nd dog)is our newest addition mentioned above.. I am hoping to find advice and more ideas on other tricks to teach my boy. In the week that we have had him he has learned sit, touch(my hand), stay, come, and down:)


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:love:hello and a very warm welcome to you,one week,wow well done,looking forward to many more pics . . . I lurve his ears,they stand up kinda wonky,right? Toooooo cute:love::love: (hope my eyesight is not letting me down with these small avatars:LOL:)


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They both stand up straight almost smushed together at times. Here are better pics:) He has definite shepherd ears! LOL

He's is a bit underweight..these pics were his first 48hrs here.. He has already gained 4lbs in the week we have had him and it shows:)