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ive been looking at peoples videos and im really impressed with the effort you all put into training tricks. im hoping if i hang around here some of your motivation and skill will rub off on me . i have 3 dogs and ive never trained a trick in my life. 2 of the three are quite trainable ive just never been motivated enough to teach a trick for the sake of it , however i believe it would be a valuable and worthwhile thing in as much as its time spent training so can only help both my dogs and i . my main worry is that once ive taught it id never use it so it would be a wasted skill . and given the choice id like to spend my time teaching them usefull things . whatever they are lol.
Hi Natty!

Training tricks is so easy, once you figure out the technical aspects of it. If you've ever trained your dog to sit on command, then it's about the same - just different requirements. :)

But honestly, we train tricks not because they look cool and impresses people (although they do both!) but because it gets us an opportunity to spend time and develop a loving relationship with our dog. When you train a dog daily, it becomes almost like a special time between you and your dog. Your relationship and your dog's temperament will change! Your dog will stop sleeping 99% of the day and start going neat stuff just to get your attention. Especially if you start shaping (this is a more advanced training method) behaviors.

Do you have a training clicker? The best way to get in the game is to get yourself a 2$ training clicker and then to look up easy behaviors you can train. There are many, many, many! :)

Send a private message to Jean and he will send you a free training lesson.


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hi john

i have a clicker and its my preffered method of training although i tend to quickly turn to just using the treats when i can . im a bit leary of the clicker because i know its a very powerfull tool and im not confident that my clicking accuracy is good enough to capture the exact moment i want when shaping so i worry a lot about confusing my dogs completly .

Jean Cote

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There is a way to refine your clicking accuracy. Try to bounce a tennis ball on the ground so that it re-bounces about 6 foot high. And try to click your clicker the exact moment that it comes back to touch the ground. This simple exercise will develop the timing of your clicks. ;)

(It might be easier to ask a friend to throw the ball on the ground for you, so that you can concentrate only on the clicker.)