Hi :-)


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My name is Steph and I live in the West Country of the UK.

I have 2 dogs that I want to teach tricks to, one is a 4 years old Border Collie and the other is a 6 years old short legged Jack Russell.

I am really looking forward to learning and teaching my dogs and watching them have fun.


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Hi Steph,

I also live in the South-West of England and have border collies (and cocker spaniels). Hope you and your dogs enjoy your time at the academy and have fun learning lots of new tricks :dogsmile:


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Welcome to the Academy! Saw your pics, lovely BCs. The classroom has lots of training tips and many, many tricks. You would probably really enjoy the monthly challenges. This month's is Easter egg hunting--the idea is to teach your dog to place at least 3 eggs in a basket, and if you're really feeling ambitious then you can also teach your dog to pick up the basket at the end. :) Past challenges have been crossing paws, retrieving a household item(keys, remote, etc), and many others. They can all be viewed in the past challenges forum. Welcome to the Academy, and good luck! Enjoy the site!


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Glad to meet you Steph and look forward to hearing about training from you. I'll have to go look at these pics I read about. Your dogs sound lovely. Welcome.


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Thank you for your welcome.

A lot has happened since I last posted!!

My computer died and I lost all my favourites and passwords - and it wasn't until recently I found this site again!!!!

I have joined two HTM/Freestyle clubs and have been working hard teaching Lottie lots of new moves and tricks. Loki will be starting after Christmas as he has been injured since September! :dognowink::dogsad::msnrolleyes:

We have our first competition in February. It's a fun show designed to give newbies a chance to do a show, without the pressures of trying to qualify, win etc. We are doing one class each and a combined class - which should be fun!!!!

I have started a blog over in the blog section - I just hope I remember to keep it up to date - it's not my strong suit!!!!