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  1. tenniskitty Experienced Member

    Hi all! I'm Jewel's Mom! Jewel is a purebreed Collie that I'm training to be a therapy dog. This is our first post here. Is this usually what you write? Thanks-Jewel and Mom :dogsmile:

  2. maggies mom Well-Known Member

    Hi Jewel's Mom,

    Nice to meet you! You can write and ask advice on just about anything. It's a great web-site. ENJOY!!
  3. yvonne Well-Known Member

    Hi Jewels mum!

    Welcome to the board :)

    A therapy dog eh? Whats that all about?
  4. tenniskitty Experienced Member

    Well, I want Jewel to be a therapy dog and a R.E.A.D dog. We will most likely get R.E.A.D and then therapy dog. R.E.A.D is a program that helps children have more confidence in reading. They read to dogs, they know they won't judge them. As a therapy dog, Jewel will be able to go to nursing homes and places like that. Thanks for commenting!-Jewel's Mom
  5. snooks Experienced Member

    I saw the pic you posted too. Jewel is Beautiful. One of the most compelling of service dogs b/c of their wonderful disposition and of course classic classy looks. This collie is a 10. :dogbiggrin:
  6. tenniskitty Experienced Member

    Jewel is a great dog, that's for sure. I have another dog named Onyx. She's a black lab and a little bit wild! She needs training. She can sit and that's about all. Can someone help me with heel for her??? And does anyone have any tips on teaching a partially blind dog? Jewel is blind in one eye.
  7. ozjen Well-Known Member

    It's great what a difference these dogs can make, an Australian Shepherd breeder in Victoria, Australia takes her Aussies to the school she works at for the R.E.A.D, program there and the dogs are a huge success. The bonus is her young dogs get extra socialization too so its a win, win situation. Pity more schools here didn't give it a try. My sister got an Aussie from this breeder and her dogs have wonderful temperments. We now have 4 (4legged) Aussies in the family, this dog ws the first.
  8. snooks Experienced Member

    help training special needs dogs

    There are loads of positive resources for blind or partially blind dogs.

    Hope this helps. They are all great sites for blind dogs and positive training fo special needs dogs. :dogbiggrin:
  9. tenniskitty Experienced Member

    Thanks Snooks! We'll check those sites out!

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