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I'm Sarah and I own a 5 year old mutt called Rupert. He came from the shelter 4 years ago knowing absolutely nothing about being a pet but a fair bit about chasing sheep and killing small animals. On top of that he had huge fear issues that I eventually managed to work through with him. He still has irrational fears (the latest being lines on the floor outside :doghuh: ) but he's mostly normal now. He's fear aggressive towards other dogs which we're working on and he'll never be trustworthy with small animals but I couldn't ask for a nicer dog with people.

I'm here to hopefully find new things to teach him. We both love clicker training and he's got the basic obedience commands and a few tricks but I don't want to stop teaching him just because he knows everything he needs to know. He's quite difficult to work with because he either gets over excited and mindless very quickly or distracted very quickly but we do get there in the end and when the lightbulb eventually goes on it really goes on :dogrolleyes: