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Welcome!!!!! That's just GREAT for you to be involved in rescues!!!!!:D Yeah, we would LOVE to see pics!!!!! Do you teach your dogs tricks/agility???? Do you use a clicker???? Hope you like this site!!!!!:LOL:


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//Do they work on people rescue??//

I DO! I DO!! It's entirely different skill set for ppl rescue, when i went to Hurricane Katrina, and numerous other hurricanes, floods, tornados, and disasters,
as well as helping abused humans get new lives, etc. (yet another form of "human rescue"). I am volunteer nurse with Red Cross and multiple other rescue nurse organizations, too.

but there IS some cross over between human rescue, and dog rescue---------- like at one gymnasium/shelter we were at in New Orleans, when yet another wave of hurricane Katrina evacuees arrived at midnight, and were told by those in charge, that their DOGS could not come indoors,:(
me and another nurse sat up all night, taking shifts, holding the leashes of all these dogs, so their owners would go in and sleep. We had assure them, over and over, we would watch over their dogs all night, that the dogs would not just be all alone out there.

We two dog-lover nurses figured we'd been through way way less than the victims had, so they needed sleep more than we did, so we would watch over the (uncaged) dogs so the humans would try to rest, cuz they would NOT leave their dogs just tied to a tree, etc.
(and although we were told there is NOT enough clean water or food to share with dogs, we did give the dogs some of our precious food supply and scanty clean water supply anyway!)

Those dogs were ALL that those victims had left...these ppl had nothing left at all, except their beloved dogs.......so those dogs had to "make it" too.
Me and that other nurse both did lose a lot of weight during the weeks we were working New Orleans, cuz we gave almost all our meals for those dogs!!:ROFLMAO: as well as any food we saw left on any of the paper plates. (leftover food in that situation was extremely rare event, but we watched each time there was food, for anyone trying to throw out part of their meal, to give for the dogs).

She and i both saw the dogs as creatures who had to survive all this, too, so their owners WOULD have something left, even if it was "only" their dog.

Eventually, on 2nd or 3rd week, someone did arrive with a bag of dog food from somewhere,:eek: (there was no running tap water, there were no stores nearby, even the unflooded stores were not open, no one had "money" anyway, no cars, no gas stations open anyway, and no electricity anyyywhere, no roads open, floods everywhere, so a bag of dog food was pretty close to a miracle)
and the very hungry dogs did eat it.:D even though it was Purina. i was never so glad to see a bag of Purina in my whole life!!:ROFLMAO: So were the dogs!!:ROFLMAO:

but anyway,
Even the best dog person might not have same resources needed for human rescue,
and vice versa.
*Some* things are probably the same, but, lots and lots and loooooooots of things are NOT the same, at all.