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Hi everyone,
I'm new here and have two rescue Border Collies - one red tri (15 months) and a tri merle (nearly 5!). They are recovering from kennel cough so we have been trying to learn tricks while exercise has been limited and Greg especially is loving it so looking forward to trying more :dogsmile: both do flyball, the young one is just starting starters competitions and Toby regularly competes (BFA and Crufts) and Toby also likes to do agility (his favourite bit is making up the courses tho!), and Greg will be starting in a few weeks...


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Welcome to the Academy! Always nice to meet a fellow BC owner. I have a tricolor female(also a rescue) as well as a BC/ACD mix. The female is a terrible candidate for agility although we do some at home just for exercise, but the mix is wonderful at agility and we are looking into flyball as he would be great for it. Trick training is a great way to keep your sickly BCs entertained, and the site should give you lots of ideas. Check out the past monthly challenges for new ideas. Enjoy the site!