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Hello! My name is Karli and my dogs name is Mako, we think she is an American Bull dog/Pitbull mix. I wasn't planning on having a dog yet, since I am still in college, but I found her last fall after she dug out of the backyard she had been left in for at least two weeks with no food. She was skin and bones and when she looked up at me with her sad eyes, I knew she was mine from that moment on (well, i'm probably more hers than she is mine) haha! I could tell that Mako had been used for breeding, it turns out that she has had a number of litters and she is only about two years old herself! Finally after a long recovery from heart worm treatment and being so malnourished, she is in great health! Mako is probably the happiest dog I've known, and so loyal!
So far Mako is doing pretty well with obedience training, she knows that I am the pack leader. She heals on a leash, sits, lays down, sits up, crawls, spins, and high fives. I can't wait to teach her many more great tricks!

Jean Cote

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Hello Karli, welcome to the Dog Trick Academy! :) Wow, congrats on rescuing Mako and giving her a home when she was in need of one.