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  1. sunshine28 New Member

    my mastiff is chewing the carpet. i have tried the bitter spray but i think he likes it. he still will chew at it. we have a big dog door they come and go as they please we have a big back yeard and front. i take him on walks and we are doin puppy classes. he is 7 months old. the spots are in the hallway and in our room. so its not like there was food splitted there. we have two other dogs (not mastiffs) and they dont chew ont the carpet even when they were pups. just wondering if anyone has had problems with this eand what has helped..... he has chewed down to the wood. throw the carpet and the pad.
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  2. Dogster Honored Member

    Welcome!!! :D Wow, Mastiff!!!:eek: that is AWESOME!!! Maybe some kikopup videos would help??? They are about biting, not the carpet, but they will help. It's the same concept.

  3. southerngirl Honored Member

    Hi and welcome. What is your dogs name?
    When he chews at the carpet try redirecting him with a toy such as a kong. Here is a website with some of their products. http://www.kongcompany.com/ Also try keeping in the same room as you so that you can keep and eye on him so he can't chew.
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  4. sunshine28 New Member

    thanks! ya he usually is right by me all the time. his crate is in our room so when he wants to sleep he usually goes in there n lay down. he just started to do this. he doesnt like any chew toys. i have gotten so many diff ones even a kong and put the stuff in it and he doesnt care. his name is apollo. his pretty lazy like most mastiffs and doesnt care for toys ask our trainer and she had no idea what to do other then to stop him in the act. i have a 1yr old and prego again. 2owks along. so the house is kinda busy with all the dogs to.
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  5. Dogster Honored Member

    Congratulations on the baby!!!:D Wow, it must be a busy household!!! Like I said, try the kikopup videos out, see if they work for you.(y)
  6. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Hi and welcome to DTA. When is he chewing on the carpet? Is it when you're home? Or when you're gone? If he's chewing on it when you're home, as busy as your household is, you're going to have to keep a really careful watch on him and redirect him each and every time - not just sometimes, once in a while, when you're not busy, etc. Take him away from the carpet, give him something he likes better, get his mind off of it. If it's happening when you're gone, then the crate is the answer.

    If there are only two particular spots he chews, is there way you can totally block those spots off from him (at least for a while)? I'm wondering what the attraction is, and what he'd do if he can no longer get to those spots? Maybe put a chair, small piece of furniture, small cabinet (cuz he is a Mastiff, just thinking -- he'd probably move a chair :ROFLMAO:) over top. Out of sight, out of mind? Not sure, just tossing out ideas. Sometimes dogs (or us humans, for that matter) may start doing something maybe out of boredom or maybe for fun, and then over time it becomes a habit, but habits can be broken - sometimes once it's out of sight (over time) it's out of mind. Might be worth a try (if he's only chewing those particular spots, and not chewing carpet elsewhere also).

    You say he's going on walks - how often, and for how long? At 7 mos old, he's a large puppy with puppy energy - and he may be taking it out on the carpet (cuz, hey, it's fun). With a bit more info, maybe more ideas will follow.
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  7. Puppylove Well-Known Member

    Sometimes Gretel eats the furniture (mainly when we're not home) I've tried: chilli, wasabi, dencorub and the bitter spray and none seem to stop her. So I enhanced the enrichment in her environment, got a Pheromone diffuser, a Thunder Shirt and added Wild Forage to each meal and she hasn't attacked a piece of furniture since. :-)
  8. MaryK Honored Member

    Welcome:) ADORE Mastiffs, Zeus' (my golden older) first playmate was a Mastiff. They're wonderful dog.

    Good luck with the carpet chewing. JackieMutt has given you very good advice and so too has Puppylove.
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