Hi I just joined today.


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Hi Everybody,
First of all, Happy 2009. I just joined today because I need all the help I can get in training. I just adopted a puppy from Reno SPCA. She is only 13 wks that time now, she is 4 months old. Her name is Bella (husky/golden mix) they call her Goberian Breed. wow, I like that. We are currently Crate Training and doing great. We have accident sometimes but its the trainer fault plus you learned from your mistake. She knows "Sit,High Five and Speak". So, far we are working on "Stay" and Heel. Just want to say hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii to everybody.

thanks: lapoth513/Bella:dogsmile::dogsmile:


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Hi & welcome , I'm not sure where Reno is ,I'm in Australia , good on you for adopting a dog & such a clever dog , I got my Cairn terrier " Ralph " at 13 weeks & it took me weeks to teach him those things so well done , once again welcome :dogsmile:


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hi im new here too i also just joined and i did because i am having some serious problems with my dog she will be a year and a half old next month and when i got her i figured she'd be happier untamed and right now neither of us are happy with her behavior and i feel like banging my head on a wall. so i also am going to need some serious help i only ever taught her sit, stay, lay, and jump.:dogmad: