Hi from the Shenandoah Valley


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.Just joined the forum, and am looking for some help with our new family member. We just adopted a 9 month old Lab/Collie mix from our county shelter. He is very smart, but also timid and skittish around unfamiliar noises, movements, and people. We've had about a month of getting familiar with each other, and am now trying to start some training with him. My biggest challenges are the commands "Come" and "Stay", so any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I'm getting ready to "charge" a clicker, and see how it works with him.:dogsmile:


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Welcome!! Clicker training is such an amazing tool. Here is a webstie that i also used when i first started clicker training it has great instructions for essential behaviors. I haven't owned a dog as fearful as yours, but my dog really benefited from the "touch" command (take a look at the challenges on this website to see what it looks like in action) and I would have him "touch" with his nose things that he was fearful of but willing to approach.