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  1. Mutt Experienced Member

    Hi, my name is Kaat and I live in the Netherlands.
    I have 2 dogs:

    Mazzel (which is dutch for luck), he is a labrador retriever x golden retriever x stabyhoun (dutch breed), he is 4 years old and he is my big boy!
    Boef (which is dutch for bandit), she is labrador retriever x bernese mountain dog, she is 2 years old and my 'little' girl!

    I have 'seriously' started training my dogs tricks almost one year ago and we have made great progress.

    I do treibball, obdience, doggydance (tricks), attention-balance-coördination (abc) exercises, rear and awarness and agility, all at home. With Boef I'm currently in an obdience class.

    Tricks they know:
    1. sit
    2. lie down
    3. down (head on front paws while lying down)
    4. around (around an object counter-clockwise)
    5.a back-up in front of me
    b back-up next to me
    6. box (touch my fist with muzzle)
    7. take a bow
    8. chill (lie sideways)
    9. cirkel (around me counter-clockwise)
    10. close (cupboard)
    11. focus (watch me)
    12.a high-five (left)
    b high-five (right)
    c high-ten
    13. left (look left)
    14. let go
    15. hold it
    16.a go through my legs
    b weave through my legs (while I'm standing still)
    c weave through my legs (while I'm walking)
    d figure 8 through my legs
    17.a shake paw (left)
    b shake paw (right)
    c shake paw (both)
    d also with my feet (instead of my hands)
    18. push
    19. right (look right) (only Boef)
    20. spin left
    21. spin right
    22. spot (go lie down in a hula hoop
    23. stand up (only boef)
    24. around me (clockwise)
    25. with front paws on object (only Boef)
    26.a stand between my legs
    b stand between my legs while walking forward
    c stand between my legs while walking backwards
    27. go in heel position by making a cirkel around my and sitting next to me
    28. heel (left) (only Boef)
    29. wait
    30. seek
    31. touch (touch a post-it)
    32. stand with front paws against object, like a tree (only Mazzel)
    33. roll over (clockwise) (only Mazzel)
    34. jump through tire (only Mazzel)
    35. jump over hight jump (only Mazzel)
    36. go through tunnel (only Mazzel)
    37. go through chute (closed tunnel) (only Mazzel)
    38. hope on object (only Mazzel)
    39. sit pretty (only Mazzel)
    40. speak (only Mazzel)
    41. teeter board (only Mazzel)

    what we are currently working on:

  2. Dogster Honored Member

    WELCOME!!!!!:D Seems like you are serious about dog training!!! That is GREAT!!! Your dogs are AWESOME!!! And soo cute!!!
    <----- Subscribed to you on Youtube!!;)
  3. Mutt Experienced Member

    haha well I wouldn't say that, I really enjoy doing it just for fun and the dogs also love it. haha thanks, I love your signature with the pacifier! subscribed on yours ;)
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  4. Anneke Honored Member

    Hi and welcome to DTA!!
    Glad to see more dutch folk on here(I'm dutch too)
    That's a great tricklist you have there!
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  5. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    and i love the two tricks you are currently working on, i have never even thought of "look up" as a dog trick, :ROFLMAO: can't wait to get started, soon as i think of a funny question to ask Buddy to trigger him to look up! lol.
    and i have to teach that lift rear leg trick, too, my dog only lifts his paws on cue if i touch each leg and say "lift".

    Impressive trick list for just a year for TWO dogs!! :eek: Hope to see you posting around here a lot!
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  6. Mutt Experienced Member

    @ Anneke, thank you. wat grappig om een Nederlander tegen te komen ;)
    @ tigerlily, thank you, they are my sweeties <3.
    well maybe you could do something with gazing at the stars or the dog looks up as in rolling with his eyes, good look with figuring that out ;)
    thank you! all credit goes to them, I sometimes feel like I am getting a cue rather that the other way around.
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  7. Dogster Honored Member

    Well, yeah, I see what you mean, must have put it the wrong way the first time:oops: Silly me. I meant that a lot of new members don't already train tricks, agility, and, yeah, LOL:ROFLMAO: I find that once you start training, you can't stop!!:D

    Oh, and thanks!!!:p
  8. dogcrazy Experienced Member

    Welcome to DTA!!
  9. bekah1001 Honored Member

    hi and welcome!!!
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  10. southerngirl Honored Member

    Subscribed to your channel.
    Welcome! Your dogs are cute and handsome.
    That's a great trick list you have!!
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  11. bekah1001 Honored Member

    Same :D
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  12. Mutt Experienced Member

    @dogster hihi I see what you mean, I didn't want to look like someone who is going to far with training ;)
    Wel sometimes I do a bit of treibball exercises and sometimes a bit of agility and all those other things, like I said its just for fun at home.
    @the others, thank you!
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  13. sara Moderator

    Welcome to the DTA! Your dogs sound awesome :)
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