hi from montenegro, wherever that is :)


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hi, everyone. it's 4am and i spent last hour researching about dogs.
i have a CRAZY toy poodle named Pookie and she is the sweetest thing ever! I love her so much:)
Took me half of a year to get my dad to get her, and finally, she is here.
She has been here for about two months, and she is about 4 months old. Lives in the house and the outside. I put her on the leash sometimes, but not much, she is mostly free. We take walkies and all that good stuff :)

Pookie and Marina love you :) :doglaugh::doglaugh::doglaugh:


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:welcome: Ha, your enthusiasm and excitement comes right through!! It IS kinda even more special to adopt a dog you had to really yearn for, for some time, before being able to get him!! Your poodle sounds cute!! Poodles are really smart, you will probably have lotsa luck teaching Pookie stuff!!

Be sure you practice 'recall' with Pookie on those walks, in the house, in your yard, all day off and on, now and then....= Call out "Pookie, COME!" and reward Pookie with teeenny treat and/or lotsa praise for every time Pookie comes to you. Is way way way important first thing to teach a dog. You may have to be very exciting/interesting/inviting to make Pookie come over to you at first, til Pookie knows what "come!" means.

Try to never ask Pookie to "come" when you are pretty sure she will not come, such as when Pookie is sniffing for good spot to pee. Kinda wears out the cue, kinda.

Some say don't use dog's name for "come" as dog hears his name all day long, and the cue wears out, so to speak. They say choose a specific word, like "come" or "here" or something, so the dog knows exactly what is being asked.

Keep us posted how Pookie is doing! and CONGRADULATIONS!!:msnohyes:


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thank you for your reply!

well, pookie knows to come over when i call her, ALMOST all the time. she is sometimes busy sniffing stuff and researching. i love it how everything is new to her.

pookie was adopted from the shelter, and her first day (the photo is from the first day) she was amazingly peaceful (but i guess she was scared and all that)

she knows her name. she knows to come over :)

i was teaching her to sit today. with the system of rewards. so, i would get her to sit, loudly say "sit" and give her the treat. then she would sit on command for a while. but she is a rebel. needs more practice.

she bites! everything! especially her toys. and my sister. my sister spoiled her badly. doesn't know how to say no.

so, we are still working on that.

she sometimes thinks she's a wolf. so she hunts turtles around the house. is that normal? i don't want her to hurt anyone. we already met a german shepard and a st. bernard that lives next door. the shepard lives down the road.

am i doing good?